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Express yourself in PLAP NEWS: the new bimonthly Newsletter of the PLA Punjab Branch

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  • Bushra Almas Jaswal
    Dear Colleagues!   The PLA Punjab Newsletter Editorial Team is preparing to publish the October 2009 Issue of the PLAP NEWS, the bi-monthly Newsletter of PLA
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2009

      Dear Colleagues!


      The PLA Punjab Newsletter Editorial Team is preparing to publish the October 2009 Issue of the PLAP NEWS, the bi-monthly Newsletter of PLA Punjab Branch, under a new name and a new policy of community participation to make it truly a Newsletter for the members and by the members.


      We invite all Members of PLA Punjab to write for this Newsletter in the following sections and send your entries to the relevant Section In-Charge.


      Please note that the Section In-Charge is only responsible for receiving the entries, editing and compilation of the sections. The entries received will be published under the names of the senders.

      1.    Information Section – You might come across, many useful and important information resources, helpful library Products or professional resources that you would like to recommended for your librarian friend of Punjab. If so, please send your reviews and reports to Bushra A. Jaswal e-mail bushra.jaswal@.... Please contact Section In-charge for Review guidelines.

      2.     Problem Problem – How many times have you felt helpless because you are facing a problem in your job or your work and don’t know whom to ask? Why not ask PLAP News! Yes! We are here to listen and try to solve it. Let PLAP News be your personal mentor. We will contact the relevant PLA committee or the officer or expert or the library community at large, to find an answer or solution and publish your problem and the solution in PLAP News. Write your problems to PLAP NEWS e-mail plapnews09@... and lets see if we can solve it together.

      3.     Community Corner –Miss Amna Irfan  amnairfan@... , compiles this section with the latest news about the PLAP community. Send her the news of marriages, new appointments, promotions, Obituaries to share with the library community. We don’t even forget the New Born in our community. So, if you’ve had one recently, why not show us a cute picture of the little one to enjoy and welcome him/her and pray together for a bright future. This section will also list the new PLA members and report the feedback of the readers of the newsletter.

      4.     PLA Punjab Events will be reported by Mr Shahid Sorroya, shahidsoroya@....

      5.     News Stories –from PLA HQ and Other Branches will be compiled by Mr. Sher Afzal Malik shermitha@...

      6.    News Stories of the Punjab Libraries will be compiled by Mr. Zia ud Din Farooqi thefarooqi@... and Muhammad Asif Munir asifm@...  and Mr. Naushad Ghazanfar muhnaushad@.... The PLA Punjab District/Divisional Coordinators or any librarians of the Punjab, all are welcomed to send their local news for publication in the Newsletter.

      So, if you are doing something new and exciting and worth highlighting in your Library, why not let it seen and known by the fellow librarians, the relevant officers and bureaucrats through PLAP NEWS. PLAP News will reach them All!

      PLAP News is Your Newsletter! Its for YOU and By You

      Come forward! Be a Part of It!

      ------- :)


      Bushra Almas Jaswal
      Chief Librarian & Associate Professor,
      Ewing Memorial Library,
      Forman Christian College (a Chartered University), Feroze Pur Road, Lahore
      Phone 9231581-8, Ext-325
      bushrajaswal@... or bushra.jaswal@...
      Moblie (92)0300-5117435

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