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National Workshop

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  • Asif Munir
    Dear All National Workshop on Resource Sharing and Networking among Libraries and Documentation Centres from April 11-15, 2005 was held at National
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2005
      Dear All

      National Workshop on Resource Sharing and Networking
      among Libraries and Documentation Centres from April
      11-15, 2005 was held at National Agricultural Research
      Centre, Islamabad.
      More than eighty professionals from all over the
      country attended this event. Fortunately, I also got a
      chance to attend the workshop.
      Efforts made by Mrs. Shahnaz Zuberi, Senior Scientific
      Officer, NARC, to organize this workshop are really
      wonderful and commendable. No doubt she is an
      energetic and passionate lady. National Library of
      Pakistan and responsible organizations/associations
      should also follow these examples and conduct such
      type of activities on regular basis for the
      professional development of librarians and welfare of
      the profession in the country.
      This workshop provided an opportunity to meet, share,
      and discuss the problems of library professionals. I
      believe that such types of activities play a
      constructive role for capacity building and
      professional growth.
      More than thirty five papers were presented there.
      Most of them were very useful and informative.
      Presenters emphasized for any platform and dynamic
      leadership for common cause. They also stressed on the
      continuing education for professionals and
      strengthening of their mutual relationships for the
      betterment of the individual in general and profession
      in particular.
      Mr. Shahid Soroya, Librarian, School of Mathematical
      Sciences, Government College University, Lahore, a new
      comer to profession, made his first endeavor to
      present the paper in any national level workshop. He
      justified his view point in balanced and professional
      manner. He emphasized to create the research
      environment not only in our library schools but also
      in our libraries so that we might face the challenges
      posed by the new technologies and information

      As far as my understandings are concerned, research is
      the sole activity which can enhance the growth, uplift
      the status and make the people realized the importance
      and inevitability of librarians and information
      professionals in 21st century not only in Pakistan but
      also across the glob.
      It is the need of hour to ponder this matter of vital
      importance otherwise time will ruin us and nobody will
      find our traces from history.

      Best Regards

      Muhammad Asif Munir
      Policy Planning & Advocacy
      Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
      Ministry of Industries, Production and Special
      Government of Pakistan
      6th Floor LDA Plaza,Egerton Road
      Lahore, Pakistan
      Cell: +923334348494
      Tel: (92 42) 111 111 456
      Fax: (92 42) 6304926,6304927
      Website: http://www.smeda.org.pk

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