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CTO Launch ICT Development Digital Library

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  • Arshad Abbasi
    CTO Launch ICT Development Digital Library 16 May 2003 / Paul Hamilton Press Release The CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation) today announces the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2003
      CTO Launch ICT Development Digital Library
       16 May 2003 / Paul Hamilton
      Press Release

      The CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation) today announces the launch of ICT Development Digital Library (ICT Dev Library) as part of the global celebrations of World Telecommunications Day on 17 May 2003.

      The library is freely accessible on the Internet at http://www.ictdevlibrary.org, we would warmly welcome any feedback that you might have as a user.

      �One-click� Access to Collection of Documents

      ICT Dev Library provides access to a unique �one-click� collection of documents related to international ICT policy and regulatory issues. The aim of ICT Dev Library is to give users a simple way of gaining direct and immediate access to relevant documents. It does so by addressing several key factors restricting the ability of stakeholders in developing countries from accessing material important to their participation in ICT decision-making processes.

      These include:
      -Time taken to navigate the web and locate documents through desktop research;
      -Broken links in online resources comprising of deep-links to documents; and
      -Bandwidth constraints, which makes it time-consuming, expensive or at worst even prohibitive to download large files in many developing countries.
      At its launch, the library contains documents published by over 30 leading organisations. We continue to add documents to the library, and welcome requests from partner organisations wishing to make their documents available through the ICT Dev Library as a supplementary distribution channel for reports, papers and other documents.

      The establishment of ICT Dev Library follows as a second stage to the launch in February 2002 of ICT Development Agenda (http://www.ictdevagenda.org), the free-to-view, web-based newsletter published by the CTO which now has over 4,500 registered subscribers. The newsletter seeks to address the need for developing countries to keep track of what is going on, to anticipate key events, and to plan strategies for successful outcomes amid the rapid increase that has taken place both in the range of issues on the international ICT policy agenda and in the number of organisations involved in ICT policy-making.

      The development of ICT Dev Library forms part of the CTO's 'Building Digital Opportunities' programme, which is funded by the UK government�s Department for International Development (DFID).

      Helping all the world�s people to communicate

      The theme of this year�s World Telecommunications Day celebrations, commemorating the establishment of the ITU on 17 May 1865, is Helping all the world�s people to communicate. Lack of easy, affordable and timely access to information about ICT-related issues, decision-making fora and processes has been highlighted as an important barrier to developing country participation by government and other stakeholders. The ICT Development Digital Library will help to facilitate the dissemination of material to stakeholders in developing countries who are currently making less use of material than they might otherwise do so.

      The creation of ICT Dev Library implements one of the key recommendations of the Louder Voices programme, a response by the UK government�s Department for International Development (DFID) and development partners to the need, identified by the G8 DOT Force and the United Nations ICT Task Force, to strengthen the participation of developing countries in international ICT decision-making. A major study of ways to address this problem was undertaken by the CTO and Panos for DFID and the DOT Force, during the first six months of 2002. This study, whose conclusions were incorporated in the final report of the DOT Force and are under development in the UN ICT Task Force, is published as Louder Voices: Strengthening Developing Country Participation in International ICT Decision-Making

      -ICT Development Digital Library http://www.ictdevlibrary.org
      -ICT Development Agenda http://www.ictdevagenda.org
      -CTO http://www.cto.int

      With best regards,

      Arshad Mahmood

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