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[plagpk] Passing Away of Prof. Anis Khurshid

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  • khawaja.mustafa
    ________________________________ From: azra.qureshi Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 3:35 PM To: gombak_98 Subject: RE: [plagpk] Passing Away of Prof. Anis
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      From: azra.qureshi
      Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 3:35 PM
      To: gombak_98
      Subject: RE: [plagpk] Passing Away of Prof. Anis Khurshid


      Dear Dr. Mumtaz Anwar,


      I share your feelings and grief.  He was my mentor and thesis guide and was quite fond of me.  He always used kind words for me.  If you remember in 1979, it was him who introduced me to you thru a letter of reference which I took to Jedda, KAAU with me for you.


      I was fortunate to be able to see him in his last moments when he was admitted in AKUH and his son informed us.  He was fully alert even under vent. He recognized and greeted me with moving his hand gently.  But somehow I did get that feeling that he will not last long. Ever since I got to know him since 1971 as student he was suffering from ill health. But his will power helped him continue working until last. I spoke to him two months ago on the phone and as usual he told me very excitedly about some book which he had completed.


      With him an era has ended in which student-teacher relationship used to be very special. When teachers were selfless and like a shady tree provided cool shelter and peace to their students. With him, I also remember a very devoted peon Islamuddin who used to serve us tea in his office. He died much earlier. Dr. Khurshid had then helped hire his son in the department.  Dr Khurshid and his contribution will long be remembered in Pakistan librarianship and abroad.  Internationally, I think there is nobody near him in fame so far from Pakistan .  May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him a distinguished place in heaven. Amin


      Azra Qureshi

      Librarian, FHS

      Aga Khan University



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      Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 1:42 PM
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      Subject: [plagpk] Passing Away of Prof. Anis Khurshid


      My wife and I talked to Bhabi, Prof. Khurshid's wife as we call her,
      and his son, Shafique, this morning. Due to our close relations, this
      was the most difficult call that I ever made. It was a very emotional
      time for all of us and we could not talk for long.

      All of his five sons and two daughters were with him. He passed away
      in the Aga Khan Hospital , almost unnoticed, very peacefully and
      quietly. He lived a very full personal, academic, and professional
      life. He was respected and loved by many. Any one would wish for such
      a life and passing away. His going is not tragic, the void created by
      his departure is.
      He will continue to be respected and loved by many who will pray for
      him too.
      Mumtaz Anwar,
      Professor, Kuwait University

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