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  • abid hussain
    Dear Professional :Hope u all are fine and with good health.Here are some jokes about jobs in Librarianship please see it in detail. Philosophy is so
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      Dear Professional :Hope u all are fine and with good health.Here are some jokes about jobs in Librarianship please see it in detail.
      Philosophy is so stressful.
      (A)Today we were having fun looking at the Jobs Rated Almanac, and were amused to discover what they think are the top 10 least stressful jobs:

      1. Musical Instrument Repairer
      2. Florist
      3. Medical Records Technician
      4. Actuary
      5. Forklift Operator
      6. Appliance Repairer
      7. Medical Secretary
      8. Librarian
      9. Bookkeeper
      10. File Clerk

      It's more stressful to be a file clerk? Really?
      And guess what other professions are supposedly more stressful than ours:

      17. Bookbinder
      26. Jeweler
      33. Cosmetologist
      39. Dental Laboratory Technician
      50. Astronomer
      71. Antiques Dealer
      72. Philosopher
      77. Dressmaker
      92. Archaeologist (and not Indiana Jones, just the regular brushing-off-dirt-with-a-toothbrush kind)
      126. Chiropractor
      197. Travel Agent

      Not to mention the fact that we often perform several of these jobs during the course of the day...

      Of course, there was also this article earlier this year saying that librarians' jobs are more stressful than those of emergency services workers.

      I think the truth is probably somewhere in between, really.

      Future Librarian?

      A girl comes up to the desk and wants to know where the graphic novels are.
      I show her, and a few minutes later she comes back and asks, "Is it okay if I put them in order?"

      Abid Hussain Asstt Librarian
      Air University Central Library
      PAF Complex E/9 Islamabad.
      Cell #92-0333-9285087
      OFF# 051-9262557-220Ext

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    • amjidabidamjidabidamjidabid
      YOU DON T LOOK LIKE A LIBRARIAN Have you ever had someone say, You can t be a librarian—you don t look like one! ? Or Wow, yeah, I believe you re a
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 2, 2007

        Have you ever had someone say,
        "You can't be a librarian—you
        don't look like one!"? Or "Wow,
        yeah, I believe you're a librarian." Sure you
        have —we all have—at one time or another.
        Some think it's funny, some think not—but
        I tell you, sometimes I just have to laugh! It
        amazes me what folks will say to us, what
        happens to us when we're out and about,
        on TV, in bars, in comic strips—heck, they
        even make comments about our eyewear!
        One bonus of researching the image
        of librarians over the last several years is
        that folks share their stories and experiences
        with me. Here are some comments
        forwarded to me during the course of my
        You sure fit the stereotype.
        I never would have guessed you're a
        Libraries are really changing, huh?
        No, really, what do you do?
        You have a Master's Degree?!?
        I like to read, I should be a librarian
        You dance really well for a librarian!
        Since you have a bun and glasses, it's
        a good thing you don't dress like a
        What are you doing in this fi eld?
        I didn't know librarians could be so
        If librarians looked like you while I
        was in school, I would have spent a
        lot more time in the library!
        Isn't that a woman's job?
        But … You Don't Look Like a Librarian!
        By Ruth Kneale
        Systems Librarian
        National Solar Observatory
        You're not a typical librarian, are you?
        I never met a librarian who rode a
        motorcycle before.
        Where's your bun?
        I didn't know you had to go to school
        to be a librarian!
        You're too (young, funny, noisy,
        messy, cute) to be a librarian.
        You don't dress like a librarian.
        You dress too hip to be a librarian.
        And, here are a couple of stories I
        received (as part of a survey of librarians)
        and that made me chuckle:
        "Several years ago, while at an ILL
        conference here in Denver, I went
        into a restaurant with a colleague from
        a college library. After we sat at the
        bar and ordered beers, the bartender
        noticed our name tags (which we'd
        obviously forgotten about) and asked
        what sort of conference we were attending.
        We said that he had to guess
        and proceeded to give out lots of
        hints—about all the places one can
        fi nd libraries, what we do, who we
        help, etc. During the 30 minutes or so
        that we sat there, he and a few other
        interested customers tried to fi gure us
        out, but with no luck. So, we fi nished
        our beers, stood up, tossed our heads,
        and said `We are LIBRARIANS!' Everyone
        said something like `Wow!' and
        we waltzed out."
        "I have a little game I like to play
        when I meet new people. I keep business
        cards from friends, vendors, professionals
        and I fi nd it's fun to place 5
        or 6 from diverse female professionals
        (including my own) and ask which

        V o l 11 N o 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 0 5
        one business card they think is mine.
        It's pretty interesting and fun. No one
        has ever picked my business card because
        `I don't look like a librarian.'"
        I am constantly on the lookout for
        things that reference or infl uence the image
        of librarians and it can be a thoroughly
        enjoyable pastime. There are the more
        obvious images, like the Librarian Action
        Figure (see Nancy Pearl's essay My Life as
        an Action Figure in this newsletter); there
        are also less obvious humorous references,
        like articles about Ella Gunderson, a young
        lady in Washington who appealed to Nordstrom
        stores for a less racy line of clothing.
        "Fashion watchers such as Gigi Solis
        Schanen, an editor for Seventeen
        magazine, told the Times Gunderson
        should be pleased with the new trend
        on the horizon. `If modesty is what
        she is looking for, it's going to come
        full force in the fall,' she said, adding
        `tween and teen girls can expect
        to see fuller skirts, higher waist lines
        and more layering of tops. `The 50s
        sexy-librarian look is in,' Shanen told
        the Times, and the Britney Spears-style
        exposed belly is out.'"
        —Kristen Gelineau,
        Associated Press;
        WorldNet Daily
        May 22, 2004
        Just what we all wanted! The sexy-librarian
        look of the 50s! Yeah!
        Does anyone these days NOT have a
        Conan the Librarian image somewhere in
        his or her offi ce or on their computer? I
        was quite surprised to fi nd an entire subculture
        devoted to this particular individual
        online. There are blogs, graphic art, stories,
        movie excerpts, even software applications
        (there's one where Conan the Librarian
        pops up and insults you if the volume
        on your workstation speakers exceeds a
        certain level).
        Conan is even used in some libraries
        as a cartoon to show folks how to get
        library cards. Early credit seems to go to
        the clever folks of William Mitchell College
        of Law, who created the character for a
        library talent show under the pseudonym
        Hadley V. Baxendale, a pun on the famous
        law case Hadley v. Baxendale. Read more
        about their Conan the Librarian adventures
        at: http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/mall/
        I was also highly amused by the
        excerpt from the movie UHF with a TV
        advertisement for an upcoming movie
        called Conan the Librarian … "let's
        admit it, aren't there days when you really
        would like to be able to take a long
        sword to the patrons who just keep pushing
        your buttons?"
        Speaking of television shows, in
        December 2004 TNT aired a made-for-
        TV movie called The Librarian: Quest for
        the Spear. Who didn't have fun watching
        Noah Wyle save the world as the guy who
        knows everything? Please don't send me
        any irate e-mails about how this was a horrible
        presentation of librarianship—I thoroughly
        agree. Then again, I wasn't expecting
        high literature or an accurate description
        of our profession, and that allowed
        me to laugh out loud several times during
        the movie. Perhaps not at the places TNT
        had intended, but still!
        For those of you looking for more
        of an Ooh, wow, ha ha, ouch! change in
        image, you can always investigate Pierced
        Eyeglasses. Although not specifi cally
        intended for librarians, it certainly does
        bring a different twist to the bespectacled
        approach! The gentleman in this article
        decided he'd rather do something different
        with his eyeglasses, and being a fan
        of body piercing, thought he'd combine
        a bridge piercing (a piercing through the
        fl esh at the top of your nose, right between
        our eyes—basically, right where the
        bridge of a pair of eyeglasses hits) with
        lenses. You can see pictures and read his
        story online at http://www.bmezine.com/
        The issues surrounding the image of
        librarians can be serious ones; they can
        impact our job responsibilities, our salaries,
        even whether we get hired or not. But they
        can also be downright silly sometimes, and
        Let's not forget these comments made to folks who are in library
        wittily collected by Jane Gresham
        and shared in the June 15, 2004 Library Journal.
        I'd love to be a librarian because libraries are so quiet.
        I thought about becoming a librarian, but I need enough income to
        support myself.
        You need a graduate degree for that?
        I thought the Internet put libraries out of business.
        Don't you have enough college degrees now?
        I think it's wonderful that you can pursue a hobby like that.
        You have to go to college for that?
        I don't see much purpose to libraries; I buy all my books at Costco.
        I'd love to be a librarian because I'd love to read at work.
        You have to go to school for that?
        often the best way to deal with the situation
        is to laugh about it! Being able to laugh at
        yourself is a valuable tool and can often be
        used to defuse a potentially sticky situation
        —and that's true for us as a profession
        as well. So remember—when in doubt, look
        at the funny side!
        O R E G O N L I B R A R Y A S S O C I A T I O N

        Amjid khan
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