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Re: [plagpk] A tribute to Dr. Moid in Karachi- Some reflections and hopes

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  • Rana Muhammad Iqbal
    Dear Marchant Its nice to hear from you. We librarians are thankful for the interest and postive input for the betterment of librarianship and learning
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2007
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      Dear Marchant
      Its nice to hear from you.
      We librarians are thankful for the interest and postive input for the betterment of librarianship and learning environment, from your good-self.  I have gone through your comments on the seminar and agreed that we as a whole need to have an aptitude of learning from the efforts rendered by the legends like Dr. Moid and Dr.Anis Khursheed.
      With regards
      Muhammad Iqbal Rana
      Library Specialist
      Planning Commission
      0321 5153112

      Nooruddin Merchant <nooranu@...> wrote:
      Dear all
      Firstly, thanks to Dr. Sabzwari for providing me this opportunity to participate in the session. Being a person who is very enthusiastic and hopeful that libraries and technologies could promote independent learning, I found the session very interesting.
      I work at the Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan (AKES,P) as a person who tries to facilitate schools create a learning bridge between libraries and technologies. Developing and Initiating a process for ongoing professional developmnent of librarians and technology facilitators / computer instructors is a part of my responsibility. The major hope is,  one day we will achieve our vision of 4L which is Life Long Learning Librarian, then I believe we will able to support life long learning, in the insitutions they are working for. I also hope that a day will come, when librarians' will also re-claim their respect as a key academic leaders, which they some how seem missed on their way.
      I was reflecting on the session proceedings and would like to share some of my critical reflections, hope the same will be taken in good spirit not at a personal level.
      • I saw highly qualified and expeirienced professionals conceptually and practically disagreeing with each other.  Those who spoke about Dr. Moid's contribution, were less, but a lot of times the discussion / presentations were focussed on what that particular person / presenter was doing or the departments are doing.
      • I was hoping that the youngesters (recent / new generation of library science students) will be a part of this session, which was about learning from their adults and I would say Gurus, but unfortunately, 80 percent of the audience was filled with middle aged librarians. One can argue that "Does age really matters", but the point here is not the age, it is about the interest of upcoming library professionals in learning initiatives like these seminars.
      • I particularly liked the ideas shared by Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, regarding how librarians could see and implement their roles behind techincal persons only, and broaden their horizons through getting acquainted with any subject discipline as well. I personally believe that library science is not a profession only, its touching and shaping lives of youth.
      • I sometimes get an opportunity to work with students who are pursuing their nursing career in life. I ask them who is your role model, and why are you doing nursing, for getting money only or becoming a person like Florence Nightingale. I hope our young generation pursuing library science, some of them will definitely become gaints like Dr. Moid who could really make an impact on the overall profession of library science.
      All this could only be achieved, if we all work together and infact, beleive that yes libraries and librarians could make a difference. If we could re-unite ourselves, with whatever we are good at and synergising, we will be able to achieve our vision.
      With hope and sincerety
      Nooruddin Merchant

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