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Re: [plagpk] Good News for the Library Professionals & the Nation: Vision 2030

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  • Irfan Mirza
    Dear Colleagues Now it seams that we have a professional body which is working for librarians & librarianship in Pakistan. If we take a glanz on 2006, we will
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Dear Colleagues
      Now it seams that we have a professional body which is working for librarians & librarianship in Pakistan. If we take a glanz on 2006, we will find many workshops, training classes and semminars for betterment of profession as well as professionals in the account of PLA. Now a big and marvelous acheivment of approval of the Draft for Development of Proposal for Vision 2030. I congratulate all the leadership of PLA esspecialy to Mr. Anwer Ejaz, Rana Muhammad Iqbal and all other particepants put their efforts for this milestone. I also congratulate to all professionals and request them that we all should play our role to stengthning the people who are working for the profession.
      I pray for all of you and the team of PLA Almighty Allah give you reward for your efforts and "Isteqaamat". 

      M. Irfan Aslam
      Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD)
      2- Sundar Das Road, Lahore
      Phone: +92-42-6366774, 6317033
      Cell: +92-333-4357493
      On 3/1/07, Ajmal Khan <ajmal@...> wrote:

      Dear colleagues
      I take this opportunity to congratulate you all on a really positive step by the Planning Commission, Govt. of Pakistan (the apex planning body of the nation).
      Planning Commission has agreed to include the Library development proposals in the "Pakistan Vision 2030". The aim of  Vision 2030 is to transform Pakistan in to a knowledge-based economy. Through this Vision Pakistani Library will be able to have proper funding and its due role in building knowledge economy.
      I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. Anwar Ejaz (Librarian Hamdard University Islamabad) and Rana Muhammad Iqbal (Library Specialist, Planning Commission Islamabad) for submitting the library development proposals to the Planning Commission.
      We are thankful to Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr. Engr. M. Akram Sheikh for his support for the library and knowledge-culture development.
      Please find attached the copy of Planning Commission's letter on the subject

       Best regards 
      Muhammad Ajmal Khan
      Secretary General
      Pakistan Library Automation Group

      Ï®fäñ Ä. Mï®zä
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