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FW: [plagpk] Tax Rebate

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  • Asif Nisar Bajwa
    Respected Khalid sb as a president PLA Pakistan you and other organisations like PCLA must co-ordinate with other teaching associations of Punjab and Pakistan
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 15, 2013
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      Respected Khalid sb as a president PLA Pakistan you and  other organisations like PCLA must co-ordinate with other teaching associations of Punjab and Pakistan and to make contacts with MNA's and MPA's  to make sure that teaching community didn't affected by this and i think in this matter MR. Asad Khan libraran Govt. College of science has all the records which are helpful to our cause as the supreme court of Pakistan,Federal Ombudsman,Income Tax ombudsman all are ready given the judgements that once you are given a benefit it can't be withdrawn therefore it is my request to all the leaders of our community that they fight for this
      It is also requested to all the community that they told to other teaching community and also contact with journalists TV channels and other politicians to save theeducation. Thanks

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      From: sajjadpatras@...
      Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 16:04:34 +0500
      Subject: RE: [plagpk] Tax Rebate


      Dear Members,

      I am wonder who is the advisor of this silly idea. If there is misuse of this rebate that should be pointed out.  There are auditors in FBR, who have special training and special methods to investigate these kinds of malpractices in taxes. If some unentitled individual have availed this facility he/she should be punished according to the laws of Income Tax(I think they have quite thorough laws in this regard) . Moreover, all institutions are supposed to have annual audit. Auditor are also supposed to check these kind of malpractices. Most of the institutions deduct Income Tax at source, so misusing this rebate on his/her own, simply not possible.

      Before taking this kind of steps, authorities should have some study or research to prove these allegations.  If there are some studies or proof these should be published along with the consequences, which have been made against them.

      If Dar sahib has made this decision without any solid ground,   we urge him to please take this decision back for the interest of Education of our country. Otherwise, we people do not find any reason to not think that our new formed government is discouraging people to come in this field. Because there are some other alarming points e.g. exemption of tax for all non-profitable educational institution have also been withdrawn. 5% tax of student fee( although there are some limits for that). These all are Education enemy policies.     


      Sajjad Patras



      To: plagpk@yahoogroups.com; libcoop@yahoogroups.com; librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com; pakistanlibrarycouncil@yahoogroups.com
      From: abajwa1@...
      Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 13:05:05 +0500
      Subject: [plagpk] Tax Rebate

      Its highly commendable that govt. has waive off 75% tax reduction for librarians teachers and researchers for the reason that it is being misused by the administrators so to resolve the matter the govt. has decided to finish the tax rebate is ko kehte hain sher ki maar is sey har teacher ki tankhwa 4 se 5 hazar kum ho gai ge

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