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Re: [plagpk] From Fayyaz Bukhari.

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  • ziauddin farooqui
     Dear Fayyaz Bukhari sb. Your moral support meant alot for me. Regards. Ziauddin Farooqui Librarian / General Secretary PCLA Government College Gulberg for
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 27, 2013
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       Dear Fayyaz Bukhari sb.

      Your moral support meant alot for me.
      Ziauddin Farooqui
      Librarian / General Secretary PCLA
      Government College Gulberg for Boys
      Gaddafi Stadium Ferozpur Road Lahore.
      Cell #. 0333-4761814

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      Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 2:02 AM
      Subject: Re: [plagpk] From Fayyaz Bukhari.

      Dea Farooqi Sb.
      There was a big message in my mail but sorry to say you missed. I wanted to convey u that don't be controversial and  don't use that language. you don't have the right to minimize any person's role and criticize. we are not in the position that to create any disunity this time.

       when whole the body is unite and performing well and we are near the goal we shall bound to think that u have different aims and objectives. in ur recent mail are also saying that some one is trying to grab the achievements. what do u mean?. 
      so be careful every one has his role in the body and is performing well. ( they are performing without compensation not you). you should remind it.
      thank you 
      with best regards
       Fayyaz Bukhari
       Gordon College Rwp. 

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      From: ziauddin farooqui <thefarooqi@...>
      Subject: [plagpk] From General Secretary PCLA.
      To: "PCLAConnect@yahoogroups.com" <PCLAConnect@yahoogroups.com>, "librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com" <librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com>, "plagpk@yahoogroups.com" <plagpk@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 11:34 AM

      Dear Fayyaz Bukhari,

      I thankx for your appreciation and restate your golden words it gives me immense moral support.
      “Any one  can't compensate these struggles but the body and the college librarians feel and know that every one has limited resources and feeling his problems and his struggles the college librarians, (not fully and they can't) but, as aregard compensate the only person in PCLA (Mr. Farooqi) after admitting his struggles.
      I again say that any one can't compensate his struggles done are great in this regard. But we admire his struggles and pray to God for the reward. His and present PCLA name would be in in golden letters.”

      Dear Rafique Shahid Bhutta your moral support meant a lot for me. We are together and remain tied together like always.
      May Allah be with us in our struggle save us from those people who wants to Grab the glory for a project that they may have merely supervised or gotten started. 

      Ziauddin Farooqui
      Librarian / General Secretary PCLA
      Government College Gulberg for Boys
      Gaddafi Stadium Ferozpur Road Lahore.
      Cell #. 0333-4761814

      From: Rafique Shahid Bhutta <rafiqueshahidbhutta@...>
      To: "librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com" <librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com>; "plagpk@yahoogroups.com" <plagpk@yahoogroups.com>; "PCLAConnect@yahoogroups.com" <PCLAConnect@yahoogroups.com>; Librarian group <librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 12:13 PM
      Subject: [PCLAConnect] Re: [librarianwelfare] PCLA Updates! From General Secretary PCLA.

      Dear brother Ziauddin Farooqui,

      I have read your email with interest and appreciate all the hard work that you have claimed on your personal credit. Your role and contributions as Liaison Officer is also very well known to all College Librarians.

      However, as President PCLA, it is my duty to remind you that the progress  made by PCLA, regarding the 4-Tier Service Structure (BS17 - BS 20) for College Librarians in Punjab, is no single person's achievement. It has been a long process of a few past years not the two months of your being a Liaison Officer. There are so many persons involved in this long process, that sometimes individual services cannot be separately identified and appreciated. But each small and big move contributed by our worthy members has added some significant steps to strengthen and forward our movement. In this situation, you or me cannot claim to grab the whole credit and forget all hard work and sacrifices contributed selflessly by people in past as well as in present.

      PCLA is a close-knit Team and a consolidated teamwork has made the success possible. No doubt we are now at the winning end. Our case has entered the mandatory final process where whatever time it may take, but it is bound to be successfully near completion. So, luckily we are in a position to make fast and visible moves. But, my brother shall we forget for example, our worthy senior colleague, Mrs. Surrayya Safdar, the key person of the first writ petition. She has now retired without reaping the fruits of her effort. But do we stop recognizing her sacrifice and start blowing our own trumpet saying this is all just our " tireless struggle"? Wouldn't it be a selfish, thankless and ungrateful of us to forget our colleague's contribution.

      I further remember many names. My dear friends Mr. Ishfaq Rasheed, Mr. Saeed Ghafoor, Mr. M. Akram Kamboh, my respected brothers Mr. Allah Ditta, Mian Nazir Ahmad, Mr. Mahmood Ali, Malik Nishat, Baji Parveen and Mr. Fayyaz Bokhari - are just the few names. But the way they had traveled from far off stations to work with us in Lahore, stood with us in Multan - my dear brother, can we forget it? and so soon?

      I just want to say that our such attitude may create resentment  and bitter feeling among our friends. PCLA being a cohesive team, cannot encourage such behavior. Whatever has been achieved by PCLA, is the result of our collective hard work and teamwork.  You, like me are just part of a team and what we have done was just our part of the job. We are  proud to be able to do our duty successfully as part of a sincere and candidly  hardworking group.

      But, in our case, persons do not count. PCLA DOES!! So lets work harder together and remain tied together like always.  There is still a lot left to do. Moreover, if you and my friend Mr. Javed Iqbal could do everything, why did we had to go to the court?

      My dear, we should refrain from passing unrealistic statements that may hurt or discourage our dear PCLA colleagues. May Allah be with us in our struggle.

      Your Friend,

      Muhammad Rafique Shahid Bhutta,
      One humble worker of PCLA

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      to remain informed about latest developments and updates on Revised Service Structure and Service Rules for Punjab College Librarians.

      From: ziauddin farooqui <thefarooqi@...>
      To: "plagpk@yahoogroups.com" <plagpk@yahoogroups.com>; "librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com" <librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 12:54 AM
      Subject: [librarianwelfare] PCLA Updates! From General Secretary PCLA.


      Dear Colleagues,

      College librarians need no worry because their case is the hand of their sincere brother, their General Secretary, its the goal and mission of my life to lift the status of the librarians up to the respectable level and bring prosperity in their lives by giving them competitive salary structure. I promise my fellow librarians colleagues that I shall leave no stone unturned until the achievement of our goal.
      In the recent development in which  a letter from Finance Department  No. U.O.No.FD.PC.1-1/77(Pt.IV), date 7th March, 2013, was issued is the result of my tireless struggle, in this struggle the only name who guided me and help me is my brother Javed Iqbal who is working in Finance Department.  He also helped me in preparing the answer of Para no 3 in which FD asked to prepare, identifications of posts institution wise of all colleges in the province of Punjab, this letter of more than 50 pages was deposited in the office of deputy secretary budget on 22 Feb 2013, DS Budget again asked me to deposit the same letter which I deposited again on 12 March 2013 in his office, his SO asked me that she has forwarded the letter to Finance Department. as soon as the FD give authentication for the new demanded posts. the case will then be presented before the service rule committee, who will give recommendation of issuance of Proposed Service Structure. 
      moreover there is no meeting of secretaries on Public Holiday that is on 23 Mar 2013,
      I request my fellow librarians beware of those people who wants to Grab the glory for a project that they may have merely supervised or gotten started. 
      I shall announce the notification when the time will come. Lastly I want to thankx Dr. Rubina Bhatti and Dr. Kawal Ameen for their good wishes.


      Ziauddin Farooqui
      Librarian / General Secretary PCLA
      Government College Gulberg for Boys
      Gaddafi Stadium Ferozpur Road Lahore.
      Cell #. 0333-4761814

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