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Re: LIBCOOP Concept paper on PLA Constitutional reforms

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  • Muhammad Ashraf
    Dear Adnan, I wish this concept paper might become the first drop of rain . It shows your deep insight and sincerety towards the profession. I really liked
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2013

      Dear Adnan,

      I wish this concept paper might become 'the first drop of rain'. It shows your deep insight and sincerety towards the profession. I really liked your words about the security of female professionals who suffer blackmailing of some dirty mentality. To make the electoral process more fair, I will suggest secret balloting. The methodology we are using is not reliabe. It makes the whole electoral process doubtful. It will be a revolution in LIS Pakistan if we are able to ensure secret balloting.


      - Muhammad Ashraf Shakoori

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      Subject: LIBCOOP Concept paper on PLA Constitutional reforms
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      Dear Professional Colleagues,

      Please find attached my 'concept paper' for PLA reforms. You can take it as 'wish list', 'day dreaming' or 'building castles in the airs'. But I am always optimistic. Because PLA office bearers are the professionals who enjoy the 'trust and confidence of the members ' through votes. Rather than exploring 'who is right one to bring the change'; I think its the responsibility of all of us.

      I am giving these suggestions being new 'life member of PLA' and to pay back something to this noble profession. I will not claim any 'copy right' or 'intellectual credit' for this document. Everyone is free to amend, extend, edit, improve or use these in upcoming General body meeting.

      We all have witnessed the 'revival of PLA' through sincere enthusiasm in recent years. In my opinion, these reforms are about 'survival of PLA'; which is the biggest and legitimate platform of LIS in Pakistan.

      All the best

      Syed Adnan Adil
      Knowledge, Research and Information Services Manager
      Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

      National Health Services

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      Subject: [plagpk] PLA Constitution
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      Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013, 2:43 PM


      Dear Colleagues,

      We have been reading/listening criticism on different practices of PLA, specially, electoral process, membership and voting rights and also who can contest in election. There are certain issues which need your attention as member PLA. I have already circulated one Email and requested for suggestions. This is reminder, come forward, discuss changes and we shall constitute the committee for thorough revision and put up for approval in General Body Meeting.


      Muhammad Shahid Soroya
      Regional Librarian
      Allama Iqbal Open University, Lahore
      Ph.D Scholar (CSAS, PU, LHR)
      M.Phil, MLIS, LLB (PU)

      Secretary General (2012-2014)
      Pakistan Library Association (www.pla.org.pk)
      President (2012-2014)
      Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization (www.librarianswelfare.org)
      SLA-PAM International Membership Award Winner 2007
      PAM Information Ethics Ambassador 2009
      International Journal of Information Management Sciences

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