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Re: [plagpk] ATT: Madam Azra Qureshi

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  • Khalid Mirza
    Most respected madam! AssalamoAlikum! I hope this e-mail finds you in the best of health and good spirits.  I may like to submit few words with due respect
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 14, 2013
      Most respected madam!


      I hope this e-mail finds you in the best of health and good spirits.  I may like to submit few words with due respect that we have serious reservations  regarding the derogatory / bitter remarks passed by the your good self about my institutional Library. I could not expect such remarks from a senior professional, enjoying "RETIRED LIFE". I am not going to defend my self, my work and outputs, but most important thing which I may like to discus is the fame of my institution. 

      With the blessings of Almighty Allah, QAU, being public sector university, is top ranking university declared by HEC, Islamabad, not a single time. I think Madam's perception about our library is totally wrong. Without library's role, it is not possible for any institution of such fame to achieve their goals.

      Madam ! it would be quite batter, if  personal mails may please be used for any comments.  Madam! no one has right to initiate negative propaganda about any LIS professionals. I think, it is immoral to pass such bitter remarks about any group of professionals, institution and community. If some one have any observation, idea or suggestion regarding the betterment of any institution, it can be floated on such forums. 

      Alhamdolliah! with the blessings of Almighty Allah, our professionals are enjoying good relationship with University Administration and worthy Vice Chancellor. 

      All QAU LIS professionals are fully agreed with Mr. Rana Zia Javed sb's mail. We are proud surely that one of our professional, Mr. Rana Zia Javed sb has led our university "Officers Welfare Association" OWA for consecutive 3 years.  As Rana sb has very clearly described some facts about our professionals, and their capabilities, and tasks achieved, we expect that you will take your words back keeping in view professionals ethics and moral values. 

      awaiting for excuse from all QAU Professionals!

      Khalid Bashir Mirza
      Assistant Librarian,
      DRSM library
      QAU, Islamabad

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      Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013, 10:34 AM


      Respectable Madam Azra Qureshi,
                                        Hopefully you would be enjoying best health and life.I have gone through your e-mail about our Library at PLAGPK.Madam if you were sincere to just give advice to our new Librarian it was a far better option to write him personal e-mail but i dont know why you have used this forum for your personal comments.Madam I have been here at central Library QAU from previous 7 years and i have not observed your visit during this period,might be your visit to our University was in remote past which is reflected from your writing.I suggest you to re think about your comments after going through this e-mail.
      1-Professionals at QAU in our field are recruited in BPS-17 through a selection board which is high profile selection board includes Justices of Honorable courts,Dr.QadeerKhna, Dr.Samar Mubarak Mand type people.Thus Library Professionals selected by these high profile personalities are Professionals of high caliber with sound academic background.I give you examples of few professionals of our Library so that you might rethink about your opinion.
      -Mr.Khalid Bashir Mirza our Library Professional is a Gold Medalist and he has at his credit many achievements.He facilitated thousands of PHD Scholars by being resource person of HEC Digital Library Training Programme.
      -Mr.Khalid Mirza conducted several trainings as resource person.
      -Mr.Khalid Mirza is such a professional that he single handedly prepared PC-1 and gave us 24.6 Million rupees for up-gradation of our Library thus enabling us to Install Lift inside our Library,Installation of 100 kva generator,provision of two security systems,magnetic strips,cctv.
      -That pc-1 also enabled us to get 110 latest systems and complete ICT System including networking ,own two servers, LCD's,Scanners,printers,LAN up-gradation.
      -We have completely renovated 4 story building of our Library,PVC Flooring has also been done,Furniture has also been replaced with Sofa sets instead of old chairs.
      -Civil works required have also been done here.
      -Fire Alaram System has also been Installed here.
      -Two floors have been made centrally air conditioned
      -All these works are done in public sector University where funds are not as easy as they are at Private sector like Agha Khan University.And these are efforts of just one professional.
      -Another Professional Mr.Hamid Khan our In charge Circulation section is also a literary personality and you might observe various books coming from him like
      a)Guide to information Sources in Science and Technology
      b) MCQ ' Bank of library and information sciences
      Mr.Khan has not only written books,he has also worked very hard to get overdue books from even senior faculty and has computerized the records of circulation..If you visit our library and visit his section you will feel bound to appreciate his contribution in provision of services in most effective manner.
      -Another professional Mr.Zia Javed has the honor to be the President of Officers Welfare Association for consecutive three terms and this was possible only as all the Library professionals have good relations with all administrative staff.If we had not good relations with administrative staff just think was it possible that they elect a Library Professional as their president for consecutive three terms.Keep in mind Madam that Registrar administrative head of University is also the member of OWA.Registrar had supported Zia Javed and casted his vote openly in favor of Library Professional.
      -All the administrative staff is member of OWA and a LIS Professional is their president,does this fact not force you Madam Azra to revisit the matter of your opinion which meant that professionals of DRSM Library have not good relations with administration.
      -PLA Revival Movement, if you analyze will also tell you that professionals of QAU are live and daring persons who made revival possible with their continuous input
      Mr.Zia Javed has also the honor to qualify CSS 2002 and got allocation in postal services,but he prefered his profession on postal services and joined QAU.He is also the Research member of Government of Canada Research panel,He has also organized an international conference at Islamabad as Organizing Vice Chair.further many contributions i have on my part but it does not seem good that i myself write about my positive contributions.
      -Another Library Professional Syed Shahid Zaman Tariq Shah has such contributions that if i write about that i need to write a complete thesis and so is about all other Library Professionals.
      -Another contribution of LIS Professionals of QAU is that they managed to get plots at G-14/4 Islamabad for all employees of QAU.That move was lead by Syed Shahid Zaman Tariq Shah,Nasir Mahmood Bhatti and Pervez Irfan.
      -Summing up this point it is suggested to think that LIS Professionals at QAU are selected by a very high profile selection board and they all are professionals of high caliber, if i start writing about contributions of Mr.Parvez Irfan,Nasir Bhatti,Shahid Mahmood,Muhammad Kamran,Khalid Ashraf, Zia Javed, Khalid Bashir Mirza,Hamid Khan,Syed Shahid Zaman Tariq Shah i will need to write many books.Anyhow in short they all have contributed for LIS Profession and have made Librarians respected people.

      2-See madam e-mail has become lengthy although still i have written noting about the fact that our LIS Professionals have designed a latest LIS Software by themselves which has enabled QAU central library to launch its OPAC.Respected madam if you have time please visit personally or at least visit us on
      or follow us on face book page central library Quaid e azam University Islamabad, you will find that team of Library Professionals at QAU has made DRSM Library a wonderful place by wonderful seating,ideal lighting,cctv's,fire alarm system,security systems.I dont write more about developments of DRSM Library by suggesting you to visit it to observe personally the developments made.

      Madam Azra, now come to the point and just tell us if your visit was many years back than visit us again ,or atleast visit our websites and evaluate our OPAC,our own designed Software, our infrastructure etc and say excuse to us for your remarks.All professional community at our central library in a meeting today has condemned your remarks and stated that you deserve some harsh treatment as you have no business to do with our library and you must not give remarks against facts about library.Surprisingly you have tried to make our new Librarian afraid by saying him,"working may not be easy here at QAU"
      Madam how you say working may not be easy here at QAU.please share with us how you find it difficult to work in such an ideal environment.your remarks,"bring life and activity also are too much derogatory and they mean here at QAU Central library before Anwar Ejaz is no life and activity.Your remarks of saying our library dead and dull are also too much derogatory and they have hurted us.You are required to say excuse to dedicated and committed LIS Professionals of QAU for your baseless propagatory/derogatory remarks against us.We will forgive you on the ground that your visit could have been in old days and you were not aware of the developments we have made.
      You have no right to defame us,have no right to make afraid our new Librarian by saying him work may not be easy,have no right to say our library dead and dull as it is our Library which caters the needs of researchers in such an effective manner that QAU is the best University due to research publications and if you have even a little knowledge you might have in mind that research publications are possible only if LIS Professionals lead the researchers to right knowledge.
      Will write again in some more detail if you didn't say excuse to all professionals and will seek answers from you about your remarks

      Waiting for excuse from you

      With Best Regards,
      Rana Zia Javed Joyia
      Head Reserve/Oriental section DRSM Library
      Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad
      Office# 051-90642076
      e-mail   ranaziajaved@...
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