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ASIS&T SIG-III InfoShare Membership Award - Call for Nominations

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  • Shaheen
    *** Please excuse cross posting *** Dear Colleagues, The ASIS&T International Information Issues Special Interest Group (SIG-III) is pleased to announce that
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 2012

      *** Please excuse cross posting ***
      Dear Colleagues, 

      The ASIS&T International Information Issues Special Interest Group (SIG-III) is pleased to announce that for 2013 we will be able to sponsor a group of deserving information science PhD and Masters students who STUDY and RESIDE in developing countries for complimentary ASIS&T memberships.

      We are soliciting nominations of student candidates for the InfoShare Student Membership Award. Please include a Curriculum Vitae (or equivalent) and a brief description of why this person is deserving of membership, including their willingness to promote ASIS&T within their networks. Awardees will be decided by a vote of the SIG-III officers at the end of 2012. All Curriculum Vitae will be kept private, viewable only by SIG-III officers.  

      Each membership award will be for one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year if the new member proves to be a strong advocate for ASIS&T in their home country during the course of the year. Awardees will be asked to submit a report on their activities by next year’s Annual Meeting, which may include, but are not limited to: 

      a. sharing ASIS&T publications that they receive (the Bulletin of ASIS&T and JASIS&T) with other colleagues
      b. promoting the SIG-III paper contest among their colleagues
      c. serving as a contact/coordinator for ASIS&T members traveling to their area who may be able to speak about ASIS&T and information science
      d. having the ability to strengthen the relationships between ASIS&T and the national/regional organizations, and
      e. sponsoring lectures on information science topics in their area on behalf of ASIS&T

      We look forward to welcoming new members to ASIS&T from across the globe, with your help. Please start thinking about student candidates among your networks and send recommendations of deserving students to Devendra Potnis (dpotnis@...) or Selenay Aytac (selany.aytac@...).

      Deadline for all nominations is December 15, 2012.

      Best wishes,
      Devendra Potnis
      Selenay Aytac
      InfoShare Program, SIG-III, ASIS&T (Visit us at: https://www.asis.org/SIG/iii.html)
      Devendra Potnis, PhD
      Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
      1345 Circle Park Dr., Suite 451
      University of Tennessee at Knoxville
      Phone: +1-865-974-2148
      Follow me on Twitter @ DPotnis

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