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FW: WorldCat.org Now Available!

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  • chanar farooq
    From: OCLC Reference Reply-To: OCLC s FirstSearch Announcements and Information To: FIRSTSEARCH-L@OCLC.ORG
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2006
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      From: OCLC Reference <OCLCReference@...>
      Reply-To: OCLC's FirstSearch Announcements and Information <FIRSTSEARCH-L@...>
      To: FIRSTSEARCH-L@...
      Subject: WorldCat.org Now Available!
      Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 22:59:51 -0400

      Announcing the release of the new WorldCat.org Web site.


      This site---and a downloadable WorldCat search box you can easily add to your Web site---opens the complete WorldCat database to the public, not just the smaller data subsets utilized by Open WorldCat partner sites such as Google, Yahoo! Search and others. WorldCat.org builds on the success of OCLC�s Open WorldCat Program that has elevated the visibility of library materials on the open Web since the summer of 2003.


      The main attraction of the new site is the WorldCat search box. Web users can now search the entire WorldCat database with the method most familiar to them: simple keywords. As in Open WorldCat, each linked result leads to a "Find in a Library" information page. From there, users can enter geographic information such as a zip or postal code, receive a list of nearby libraries that own the item, and link right to a library's online catalog record to initiate circulation activity or access electronic content directly. Users can also create their own WorldCat account and add book reviews, table-of-contents information and notes to many WorldCat items, helping to personalize their library search experience.


      From WorldCat.org, any Web user or organization can also easily download and install the free, WorldCat search box to their personal or commercial Web page, allowing even more people to discover library content through WorldCat. Libraries and other groups inside and outside the OCLC cooperative are encouraged to add the box to their sites. We believe that sharing the ability to search for library materials to as many other sites as possible will help increase the awareness of libraries as primary sources of reliable information and helpful personal assistance.


      To try the new WorldCat search box and download the box to your own Web site, visit the site at http://worldcat.org.


      Questions?  Contact your OCLC representative or regional service provider for additional information.


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      http://whatcounts.com/bin/archive_viewer?id=6FB64ED51A04512E8B0B3DDE31E5303C .




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