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RE: Pakistan Librarians Welfare Trust

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  • Mushtaq Ahmad
    Dear Shahid Soroya! Congratulations you and especially, AIOU administration for organize so excellent event on world book & copy right day on 23rd April
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2011
      Dear Shahid Soroya!
      Congratulations you and especially, AIOU administration for organize so excellent event on world book & copy right day on 23rd April 2011.
      of course, we can do some thing extraorderinary to change the thinkings of Librarians and will provide them the platform of PLWT to provide them confidence and support sothat they enhance their professional skills and capabilities in a better way.
      I, once again assure you our full support from all the LIS community from Faisalabad region and it's our request never be tired and alway be at the leading place for the sake of this noble profession.
      Thanks and wish you all the best!
      Mushtaq Ahmad
      NTU, Faisalabad
      --- On Sun, 5/1/11, Shahid Soroya <shahidsoroya@...> wrote:

      From: Shahid Soroya <shahidsoroya@...>
      Subject: RE: Pakistan Librarians Welfare Trust
      To: "Mushtaq FSD" <mushtaqinfo@...>, "Muhammad Asif Munir" <asif.munir@...>, "adnan adil" <syedadnanadil05@...>
      Cc: "Ashraf Shakoori" <lotus7862002@...>, "Nadeem Sohail" <nsa752001@...>, "waris Arsalan" <waris@...>
      Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 10:22 AM

      Dear All Partners of PLWT,

      Please make it clear that individual is nothing, and Mushtaq rightly said its our unity and sincerity which made it possible. Every one who contributed more or less equally important. Now we have recognition of PLWO and individual as well, we are going to have four major positions in PLA. We were able to adjust Ashraf and Nadeem but both were reluctant so I asked them to spare their time for PLWO.

      We had very successful seminar on 23rd April on world book & copy right day. I am thankful to Mushtaq and Asif for their support. All others too for their moral support.

      Now please make it priority and spare time to contribute, I believe in my Allah and I am sure that we can do something extraordinary, some thing which may change the thinking of librarians, we can provide them confidence and we can bring change.

      This could only be possible with collective effort other wise one day I shall be tired. 

      Thank you Adnan, thank you Asif, thank you Ashraf, thank you waris, thank you Mushtaq and thank you Nadeem Sohail. We should be proud of that we have such friends.................

      Muhammad Shahid Soroya

      --- On Wed, 4/27/11, adnan adil <syedadnanadil05@...> wrote:

      From: adnan adil <syedadnanadil05@...>
      Subject: RE: Pakistan Librarians Welfare Trust
      To: "Shahid Soroya" <shahidsoroya@...>, "Mushtaq FSD" <mushtaqinfo@...>, "Muhammad Asif Munir" <asif.munir@...>
      Cc: "Ashraf Shakoori" <lotus7862002@...>, "Nadeem Sohail" <nsa752001@...>, "waris Arsalan" <waris@...>
      Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 1:44 AM


      Shahid sahib, I commend your efforts. You deserve congratulations! Congratulation to all of us.


      May Allah help us to utilize this platform for positive and constructive activities and for prosperity and development of all of us.




      From: Shahid Soroya [mailto:shahidsoroya@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 9:12 AM
      To: Adnan Adil; Mushtaq FSD; Muhammad Asif Munir
      Cc: Ashraf Shakoori; Nadeem Sohail; waris Arsalan
      Subject: Pakistan Librarians Welfare Trust


      Congratulations to all.......
      very exciting to hear the inside story from Asif.......
      I think achieving one milestone opens up further goals & doors.......so its start no the 'end of the story'........
      all the best

      --- On Wed, 4/27/11, Muhammad Asif Munir <asif.munir@...> wrote:

      From: Muhammad Asif Munir <asif.munir@...>
      Subject: RE: Pakistan Librarians Welfare Trust
      To: "Shahid Soroya" <shahidsoroya@...>, "Adnan Adil" <syedadnanadil05@...>, "Mushtaq FSD" <mushtaqinfo@...>
      Cc: "Ashraf Shakoori" <lotus7862002@...>, "Nadeem Sohail" <nsa752001@...>, "waris Arsalan" <waris@...>
      Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 7:29 AM

      We, me & Shahid,  had been working to get it registered since last one and half year. It was really a difficult task since government had imposed ban on registration of professional association. First, we thought to get it registered as NGO or association or private organization but we had no option left when we were known that a ban was there. After thorough discussions with each other and with professional lawyers we saw a beam of optimism and we tried working to register our organization as a trust. I still remember that we had long sessions with lawyers/legal consultants. We consumed a lot of time in shaping up things and understanding procedures of getting a trust registered. We travelled. We discussed. We spent money. We consumed our time. We had differences of opinion.  I still remember Shahid used to say me “yaar koi wakeel dhondho” yaar tum nain aaj bhee naheen baat ki kisee say” yaar safanwala chowk main jo wakeel tum nain dhoondha hay ussay apni requirements likh kay bhaijoo” “yaar us say discuss kernain chalain” etc etc. and I disguised my laziness by pretending that I was busy in official work. Shahid took the lead, as usual, and used his all spread networking. He searched a legal consultant in the firm he worked with. We discussed all our requirements with him. Then he prepared bylaws, memorandum of articles and memorandum of association and documents to fulfill other legal formalities. Again Shahid used his networking and found a person in registration office. We gave documents to him to complete the registration process and obtain a trust deed. He took the papers and kept them with him for a long time. One day, our inquisitive inquiry revealed that he had lost our documents somewhere. He had tried his best to find them but could not succeed. Then we prepared all the documents to fulfilled all legal requirements again. Meanwhile, he succeeded in searching the lost documents. After all, in more than 18 months, we succeeded in getting the body registered. It seems very easy to say that it is now a registered trust but practically it was very difficult and I have reproduced some glimpses above about the efforts we made for this purpose.

      Dear All,
      I am pleased to share with you that our organization has been registered as TRUST. Now its Pakistan Librarians Welfare Trust.
      Congratulations to all as it was really difficult task.
      Shahid Soroya


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