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  • rizwan.mushtaq@jgc.com.sa
    Apr 1, 2009
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      Dear All,

      I hope all is good over there in PK. This is the first time I m communicating with you on this forum and most of you don’t know me. Let me introduce myself first, I m an ex-MLISc student 2001-2003 session.

      Since few days, I m receiving emails from LIS professionals in regard to the subject matter and want to bring one concern to all the participants of this forum that both FOUNDERS & RISING groups have introduced their panels but (with due respect) senior panels members/position seekers are quiet in the campaign.

      In this election, we expect that all the contestants should come forward for their campaigns from both sides by themselves to let us know, what further improvements they will bring to LIS profession in PK? What issues are important to them in present scenario? What they will do if they win the elections? What is their agenda as a whole until further elections? Etc. etc. I hope this will create a better understanding for the voters to vote for a particular group/candidate.

      At the end, i want to wish both the groups, A VERY BEST OF LUCK.  Cheers...

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      Rizwan Mir
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