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4259FW: Dr. Jalal Haider

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  • khawaja.mustafa
    Aug 1, 2008
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      From: azra.qureshi
      Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 12:58 PM
      To: khawaja.mustafa
      Subject: Dr. Jalal Haider


      Dear Library Professionals/friends


      This is to inform all students/colleagues/friends of Dr. Jalal Haider that he is hospitalized in AKU hospital

      for last five days.  What is exactly wrong with him is yet to be discovered.  What bacteria is causing fever,

      why certain antibiotics are not working on him and blood transfusions are causing some concerns to us

      in AKU library.  Thru this email I request all his well wishers to pray for his speedy recovery.  He is in good

      spirits and being very cooperative and amiable with doctors and nurses


      AKU is known for its thorough investigation process, and this is a teaching hospital, Dr. Jalal says he is

      learning a lot while here and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of his surroundings.  Until doctors find

      out and tell us what it is  we must wait and not speculate.  But we must pray that it is nothing serious.

      We will keep you posted about further developments on his health.


      Thank you.


      Warm regards,


      Azra Qureshi

      Chief Librarian, FHS

      Aga Khan University

      Karachi ( Pakistan )


      Ph: 9221 486 4480 (Direct)



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