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  • Library Suparco
    Jan 7, 2014

      Dear Librarians,
      I need following articles those who have access science direct access kindly download and mail me as soon as earlier.
      Land subsidence in central Mexico detected by ALOS InSAR time-series
      Estelle Chaussarda,  Shimon Wdowinskia,  Enrique Cabral-Canob,  Falk Amelunga
      Remote Sensing of Environment  Volume 140, January 2014, Pages 94–106
      A numerically effective calculation of sea water density
      Brian Sandersona,  David Dietrichb,  Neil Stilgoec,
      Marine Models
      Volume 2, Issues 1–4, 2002, Pages 19–34
      Remote sensing of diffuse attenuation coefficient of photosynthetically active radiation in Lake Taihu using MERIS data
      Kun Shia,  Yunlin Zhanga,  Xiaohan Liua, b, Mingzhu Wanga, b, Boqiang Qina
      Remote Sensing of Environment
      Volume 140, January 2014, Pages 365–377
      Comparison between MERIS and regional high-level products in European seas
       Davide D'Alimontea, Giuseppe Zibordib,  Tamito Kajiyamac,  Jean-François Berthonb
      Remote Sensing of Environment
      Volume 140, January 2014, Pages 378–395

      Abida Hashmani
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