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  • Safi Ullah
    Feb 12, 2007
      Dear Professional Colleagues:
      I am being a most junior in this profession but reading and analyzing all the email related to the PLA revival.
      I have keen desires that PLA become active again and work for the betterment and improvement of the librarianship.
      I want to say that rather to revival of the PLA why not we divide the PLA at the different level.
      The PLA for the University Librarians (Public & Private)
      The PLA for the Colleges (Public & Private)
      The PLA for the High Secondary Schools (Public & Private)
      The PLA for the Schools (Public & Private)
      The PLA for the Public Libraries
      After that, we select the members from every level and make a body which represents all the librarians of the country.
      This is beneficial because the Problems faced by University level librarians is different from the problem faced by the school or college librarians. Apart from this the service structure of the college cadre will be different from other.
      I personally think that our senior work on it……………….
      Govt. College Khar

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