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20639World Public Library : Access more than 2 million e resources just for $8.95 as Individual Member

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  • Ajmal Khan
    Feb 19, 2013
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      World Public Library

      Access more than 2 million e resources just for $8.95 as Individual Member

      Institutional Registration or Group Registration (click here)

      To register for your eLibrary Card, fill out the infomation below. There is an annual dues of only $8.95 for Individual Membership. There are no other costs or hidden charges for unlimited access to all eBooks. For Institutional Group Membership discounts (click here).

      The World Public Library is a non-profit literacy association. Funding for the World Public Library is made possible by members like you. Your financial support helps ensure that you can read and access the great literature of the world.

      Please enter your basic user information here. After clicking the register button you will be taken to our online payment system. Please do not modify the username, password, and email fields as they have already been set using this forms data.

      Conditions of Use and Limited Use

      1. eBook Usage Terms and Conditions

      Publicly-accessible eBooks, texts, and images

      While many of these items are made publicly-accessible, they are not all public domain -- the vast majority of the images, and a number of the texts, including all of those from the World Public Library Membership Section, are copyrighted to the World Public Library Association, for example, and a number of other texts are still copyrighted to their original print publishers and made available here with permission. We have put thousands of hours of work -- and tens of thousands of dollars into the digital development of these intellectual properties, and we hope the results are useful to a broad audience.

      In the Public Access Section the works in those collections are those of numerous consortia. Because of contractual obligations with the consortia members who supply the eBooks, texts, and images, access to their mirrored holdings is restricted to their Usage Terms and Conditions (often found in the header of the file). We do not own these collections -- we

      Best Regards
      Muhammad Ajmal Khan

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