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19565Re: [plagpk] Re: PCLA Updates 22/10/2012 - Two signoficant moves to expedite implementation of Punjab College Librarians Service Structure

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  • Khalid Mahmood Singhera
    Oct 28, 2012
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      Dear Dr. Sahib

      Your Views are appreciable. We should work for the betterment of our profession.
      khalid Mahmood Sanghera

      From: Muhammad Ramzan <mramzaninfo@...>
      To: plagpk@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Shah <librarianwelfare@yahoogroups.com>; dlispu@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, 25 October 2012 1:46 PM
      Subject: Re: [plagpk] Re: PCLA Updates 22/10/2012 - Two signoficant moves to expedite implementation of Punjab College Librarians Service Structure

      Dear Shahid, my colleagues in PLA and the profession

      This is a trap to divert our attention and efforts into blame game and ... politics. However, i would request and urge you to continue good solid work that you are doing.

      Improvements in the status of librarians and libraries will come through; homework, working papers that you are preparing; our clear vision and strategy; our sustained efforts; and commitments made by the Government departments.

      On behalf of PLA I have received three letters from Higher Education department regarding principle agreement with our agenda, nomination of Deputy Secretary (SI) as focal person to discuss and resolve librarians issues and a request to PLA Punjab for a presentation and proposals for implementation. We are meeting on November 09 to discuss our future line of action and meet the Secretary Higher Education, Secretary schools and other officials. From our side Ms. Sajida Nusrat (who is SO in Higher Education Department), Member PLA Punjab coordinates on daily basis.

      We have decided to share only solid news through Secretary PLA (Punjab) and he is doing this efficiently. So don't be discouraged and continue good work, we are on the right track.
      Warm regards Happy Eid Mubarik and best wishes

      Muhammad Ramzan
      President PLA (Pb).

      On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 1:04 AM, Shahid Soroya <shahidsoroya@...> wrote:
      [Attachment(s) from Shahid Soroya included below]
      Dear Colleagues,

      I am responding this email to that person who has written this email because it is not written by respected Shahid Rafiq Bhutta.

      I dont know whether this is an effort to divert the PLA office bearers or just to engage them in non-issues. This might be an effort to grab the attention of my young colleagues who are suffering due to this job vacant position issue. I am not going to change the words but just here to tell the actual story which I personally know and have gone through.

      1. On August 07, 2009 at Press Club, Lahore, Dr. M. Ramzan, Anwar Ch. and me had press conference and few lines which were reported in PLAP NewsLetter which was published under editorship of Madam Bushra Almas Jaswal. Dr. Ramzan said 

      "He stressed that Government must announce the vacant positions of Librarians in Colleges which have not been announced for more than ten years. This has created the situation of market saturation and young professionals are facing difficulties in finding new jobs. He also told that male and female professionals are being exploited because of this reason. He asked the government to approve four-tier structure for college librarians. Mr. Anwar and Mr. Shahid also spoke at the occasion.

      2. The day (08th August 2009), last PLA Punjab body took over, we started our struggle for this very important issue. On Oath Taking day, elected President PLA Punjab emphasized and same was reported by me in 1st Issue of PLAP News letter. Just few lines of speech of then DPI, Mr. Razzaq Cheema

      "He said the Punjab higher education department would now initiate a four-tire structure for librarians and send requisition to the Punjab Public Service Commission for the recruitment of librarians in   BPS-17. He said a large number of librarians’ posts were lying vacant in colleges which will be filled in due course of time".

      3. I think my email on December 09, 2012 which is available in archives of PLWO and Paklag would be enough to find my personal view point in which I requested all the stake holders to play their role for this very important issue.

      4. A poll was also created to check the view point of people to find out ways to solve this issue. You can check the results on PLWO Group.

      5. In 3rd meeting of PLA Punjab, the same issue was discussed and committee was formed also reported to PLAP Newsletter.

      6. A separate move was also started to solve this issue using plateform of Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization. Letters were written to all concerned. Press releases were given. Assembly question was also raised through MPA. Details were shared through attachments with email of the undersigned on March 05, 2012. Just a link of news

      7. On March 19, 2012, I shared another document in the shape of letter which was written to DPI by Secretary, Higher Education Punjab to provide details about vacant positions of Librarians.

      8. My Email on groups on April 27, 2012 would be enough to understand the role of stake holders in this regard.

      9. On the request of the undersigned CM, Punjab issued directive to Secretary, Higher Education to announce the vacant positions of Librarians in Colleges.

      10. A number of times, President PLA Punjab issued press releases and gave his statements to ask government of the Punjab to announce positions. At number of occasion in TV talk shows, newspapers forums this issue was raised.In personal visits to Secretariat, Dr. Ramzan, Ch. Hanif, Anwar Ch and other colleagues continuously raised this issue.

      I was working on this very special issue but stop my working when I received call from Mr. Iqbal Hussain Asad who convinced me that announcement of these positions in BPS-16 would definitely disturb their case of Service Structure. I believe Mr. Rafiq Shahid Bhutta and Mr. Iqbal Hussain Asad have been working for the betterment of this profession and they contributed a lot. I have acknowledged them a number of times and we are in contact with each other.So it was mutually decided that struggle for the announcement of vacant positions would be re-initiated after solution of service structure issue.

      I hope my other colleagues from PLA HQ and PLA Punjab would more clarify the matter. If I could not get proper response from colleagues, I would better better decide to resign. Enough is enough. We have to stop this, we should encourage those who are sparing time for this profession and should discourage those who are just trying to divert the thinking of people. We should understand who are playing behind and whose fingers are typing. We should also understand the people who become biased when they sit on the seat of justice. We should leave Munafqat now.

      I understand this would be difficult to digest but I have already been victimized and this is being spread to my close and dear ones. I am ready for future consequences as well.I am grateful to all those who supported me and stood with me through thick and thin. 

      I have attached few documents for the readers to check whether these words are authentic or not.

      With Best Regards,

      M. Shahid Soroya
      Ph.D Scholar (CSAS, PU, Lahore)
      LLB (PU), MLIS (PU), M.Phil (PU)
      Regional Librarian, AIOU, Regional Campus, Lahore
      SLA-PAM International Membership Award Winner 2007

      Secretary General, Pakistan Library Association
      President, PULISAA
      President, Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization
      Patron, International Journal of Information Management Sciences

      Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, PhD, (University of Malaya) MILSc (Gold Medalist)
      Chairman, Foundation for Authentic Information and Research (FAIR)
      Director Library, Lahore University of Management Sciences
      Editor, International Journal of Information Management Sciences
      00923004487844, Fax 00924235898307, Skype ID: mramzaninfo

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