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17643Re: [plagpk] Some professional/personal reservation and humble suggestions about PLA upcoming elections

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  • rana javed
    Jun 1, 2012
      Dear Professionals,
                          I am engaged with activities of welfare of employees of my organization as their President so i find it very difficult to take part in discussions on these forums,from a long time i have not written any e-mail.Before talking on the issue i want to make it clear that i am not taking part in PLA elections this time as i have no time to deliver as PLA representative.But still as a PLA member it hurts me when i see some people indulged in such negative tactics they perhaps think that this way they can won elections by getting ant lobbies of certain specific persons.For them i want to share that this way no vote can be attracted however can be spoiled only so please avoid negative tactics.
      Also for moderators you must not approve any e-mail whose sendor is not known to you discourage fake identities.
      i suggest to all contesting panels and personalities to focus on your own projection instead of raising fingers on others,this can help you to get what you want
      for headquarters there came negative way from one side whereas otherside has avoided it and will get its benefit.
      atleast every member is a master degree holder and if you want respect learn to give respect first

      With Best Regards,
      Rana Zia Javed
      Head Reserve/Oriental section DRSM Library QAU
       President Officers Welfare Association
      Quaid e Azam University Islamabad
      Office# 051-90642076
      e-mail   ranaziajaved@...

      --- On Thu, 5/31/12, Hamid Rahman <hrawan57@...> wrote:

      From: Hamid Rahman <hrawan57@...>
      Subject: Re: [plagpk] Some professional/personal reservation and humble suggestions about PLA upcoming elections
      To: plagpk@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012, 12:58 AM

      Dear all
      To endorse the Farasat's Mail I would just produce Allam Iqbal's one QITTAA
      Thy wo b din kay Khidmat-e- Ustad ky evuz
      Dil Chatha tha hudya-e- dil Paish kejeey
      Badla zamana esa k larka, bad uz sabaq
      Kehta master say k bill paish kejeey

      Its ok now students are grown up & mature professionals & can decide by their own & can understand who is the best & deserve the vote. Nobody is with them while they are marking  ballots.
      But they my youngesters are talking about their teachers does not sond well.
      Some say teachers do have their form of ASA some comment in dofferent tone
      to one end everybody wants to become a teacher on other teachers are .......
      come on.
      I think there might be some loophole at part & sure it is
      No one is complete & after all teachers are also the humun beings
      I remember Dr Jalal once contested  for presendant & asked me that people know me well.
      If  they  think I deserve & could do something for them they will vote me I wont ask anyone for vote. He won the election & became the presedant.
      Na wo ustad rahay aur na wo shagird
      But respect for teachers  .... ask from Imam abu hanifa
      who once was lecturing & during the lecture all of sudden stood up
      students got astonshed by his action and followed him looking at a guy
      who was junky & was in a miserable position
      students asked imam sahib what makes you to stand up in the respect of this notorious guy. Imam replied that his dad was my teacher.
      All of them simultaneously replied that his father was worset than him.
      imam sahib replied that no
      once discussion was going on that
      when a dog becomes an adult dog, nobody could reply except his father that
      whenever a dog starts peeing with a right leg upward, means that he gets mature.
      Thats the thing I learnt from his father.
      So by virtue of this learning he is my teacher & this guy is a son of my respected teacher.
      I dont understand everyone sitting outside wants to become a teacher while on the other hand we are bad people

      But dont worry gone are the daz when you reap your deeds by third generation.
      Nature is getting so fast its now immediate reap
      Aik hath do Aik hath lo
      Time is comming up & get ready.

      Hope this is enough

      Hamid Rahman
      School of Library & Information Studies
      University of Peshawar

      --- On Wed, 5/30/12, Farasat Shafi ullah <farasat.shafi@...> wrote:

      From: Farasat Shafi ullah <farasat.shafi@...>
      Subject: [plagpk] Some professional/personal reservation and humble suggestions about PLA upcoming elections
      To: "plagpk" <plagpk@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 11:28 AM


      dear professional colleagues


      i am writing these line with a deep sorrow  and its took almost the whole day that how and where to start after receiving a letter from ALL PAKISTAN LIBRARIANS GROUP.

      On this email group as for i remember ( please make me right if wrong) we always discuss professional issues and condemn dirty politics and mud slugging.

      As professional librarians we already know about our status and continuously striving for its betterment (individually or in group), we also know the LIS faculty comments about Librarians and how they behave in their own department but............................

      can we blame our teacher ( who are our career councilor before we are able to be called as librarians) by these slang language script " aap kin librarins ki baat karte hain jo das ropee ki khater hume vote dete hai" or   "hum boolpan main apne asateza ko
      apna rehnuma samgh leete hai" or yaad rakhai joota pehnene wale jaana t hai joota kahan kaata hai"

      i feel embarrassed that at some stage in our life  we will remember our teacher in these words.

      We can have differences even with our parents but are we forget all our ethical, moral and religious teaching that what respect teacher has in any individual's life. Even we know the people who talked about LIS faculty behavior or have any reservation,  they are willingly and happily teaching in same departments.

      I humbly request  please it is not professionalism if some one abuse and you abuse in reply doesn't make any sense.

      The Need of time is to concentrate on positive elections campaigns and see what option or manifesto new groups have for future, what are their achievement (if old
      buddies are there), what difference they can make

      please don't mind for long email


      Farasat Shafi-ULLAH
      (Certified Knowledge Manager)
      (Master in Lib & Info. Mgmt,UK)
      SCME-NUST, http://scme.nust.edu.pk/
      Facebook: farasat Shafi-Ullah
      LinkdIn: farasat shafi ullah
      office # 0092-51-90855015
      Fax # 0092-51-90855002
      cell # 0092-344-5300122

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