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  • sarfraz chishti
    May 31, 2006

      Google retains lead in U.S. search market

      Google’s share of the U.S. Web search market continues to edge beyond Yahoo! and Microsoft, according to the latest study from comScore Networks.
      ·         Google’s market share climbed from 42.7 to 43.1 percent from March to April 2006—up from 36.5 percent in April 2005.
      ·         Yahoo!’s market share remained at 28 percent between March and April, a decrease of 2.7 percent from last year.
      ·         Microsoft MSN’s market share was at 12.9 percent in April of this year, down from 16.1 percent in April 2005.
      ·         AOL dropped to 6.9 percent from 9 percent in April 2005.
      For the first time, the search engine operated by MySpace.com appeared in April’s rankings—at a distant sixth place—grabbing only about one-half of one percent, but ComScore indicated it may be worth keeping an eye on them “due to the site’s remarkable popularity.”
      Sarfraz Chishti
      OCLC Canada

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