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  • pauljs97140@yahoo.com
    May 9, 2001

      It's been my intention to set up a message board and mailing list for
      this project... but like so many other things, I've been putting it
      off. I suppose my main excuse to date has been that the project is
      coded entirely in assembly language, and only a couple people who've
      been interested in the development (like Tom) have been able to work
      in 8051 assembly. At one point most of the emails I got were "when
      will xxxxx be available"... I still get those, but the FAQ page has
      helped quite a bit. Hopefully this message will end up having more
      useful messages than that.

      Well, now the converson to C is finally happening... in fact this
      evening I got the C-based version to make several seconds of sound!
      That was pretty exciting. Hopefully there's only a couple bugs left
      until the C code does everything the all-assembly code does. The real
      work can begin on the interesting features, like playlists, file
      navigation, etc.

      Anyways, I think the long-term plan ought to be to set up a message
      board at pjrc.com (without any banner ads). Until that happens, this
      ought to be fine.