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34Please help send KB money

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  • kbusamail
    Nov 21, 2004
      Howdy all -

      Hope everyone enjoyed the Fall 04 season as much as I did. The team
      played very well all season and how about the play of Wenger in the
      semis? WOW and all of that after just being released from plastic
      surgery to his nose, nice job Steve.

      The next season is just around the corner and we are set to go, so
      mark your calendars for SU DEC 5 2004. There are no roster changes,
      giving us 9 skaters. Daniel will remain in the net and Chris Cofer
      is our sub goalie.

      Please take a moment from your off season free weight or power
      skating or pilates workout to mail KB your league fee. This is a
      friendly reminder to let you know your friend and teammate wrote a
      check (or in this case, checks) to secure early registration
      discounts. The time has now arrived for you, the generous and
      responsible team member, to pay the piper . . me. So, please mail
      your check pay to the order of: Third Coast Sports, Inc.(that's me)
      PO Box 560516, The Colony TX 75056 amount due is $145.00.

      Darren B - owes 152.00 Daniel F - hold onto your cash I'll get it
      as we discussed during the playoffs.

      Please call me at 972-987-7325 to let me know you've mailed your
      check. Also, is anyone up for a team party soon? KB
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