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  • Ive been doing this con since the beginning of time and aside from Steel city con, this is really the only big one I go to. Ive seen this happen SOmany times. It really IS ridiculous. It seems its been worse the last couple years for the reasons already stated. ypou pay the money to get in, then the vendors are in line havin a good ol time, getting crazy signatures and artwork...
    datlocolatino@... Oct 6, 2013
  • Wow that came out nice, man. Heres a link to the sketch I got from you last year: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y56/DatLocoLatino/SmithDrStrange.jpg
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Feb 27, 2007
  • Im jiggy wit' it. In fact, Ill be walking around all day tomorrow so everyone feel free to say hi. Im a big, bald, tattoed guy and Ill have on a Joker shirt and more than likely be with a lil brunette. Im up for grabbing some grub after the show for sure.
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Apr 21, 2006
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  • Damn, dude. You must be some kinda high roller shelling out that kinda cash for drawings! Im hoping to just nab a couple freebie/ cheapie sketches from a couple people. Ill post what I get whenever i get a chance.
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Apr 21, 2006
  • Hey Aly, Im from Youngwood, just around the way from mount Pleasant. Small world! well, not really, but you know. :D
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Apr 21, 2006
  • that Im starting to get really excited. I shall revel in my dorkiness. And when I get home, I plan to spread all my new comics out on my bed and roll around nekkid on them. Mwahahahahhahahhahahahahahaha!!!
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Apr 20, 2006
  • Let me tell ya something. BENDIS! is one of the most polite, fan- friendly guys youll ever meet. He knows what its like to love comics and WILL NOT be a prick about anything. As a fan, I would say ' dont be a boner' and bring evry single issue of everything hes ever done. Its just not cool. And wear deodoant. For me. :)
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Apr 2, 2006
  • Not trying to step on any toes here and speak for them, but I bought my tix online last year and when youre done paying it gives you a receipt to print out & bring to the con. I dont have a printer, so I just showed who I was and that was that. So there ya go. --- In pittscomicon@^$1, "ig_64" wrote: > > Hey all, I'm thinking about going to the Pittsburgh Con for the first > time...
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Mar 7, 2006
  • really? Hot AND sexy? WOW! I would love to but I really wish i could get my erections harder and last longer. D'ya think you could help me there? hehe Go away. You suck. --- In pittscomicon@^$1, "maturewoman5884" wrote: > > I'm a hot single, I'm looking for a better SEX partner! Check my live > webcams and hot SEXY photos here: > http://findsexysingle.com/sex/hotcam.htm >
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Feb 28, 2006
  • Ive gotten sketches from Jim and Holly in the past and not only are they great artists but great people as well.Theyre always kind to everyone. And They always have really cool loot at their booth so iwould recommend stopping by. --- In pittscomicon@^$1, "Anthony" wrote: > > Hi Holly, > > No problem there. I just buy his art off of ebay :-) > > As you know, Jim's art is hard to...
    Dirk...Dirk Diggler Feb 24, 2006