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  • Samantha
    ... I agree there should be more categories now that the size of the costume contest is growing, but I don t know about having an anime/manga category. It s a
    Message 1 of 4 , May 8, 2007
      > The costume contest is always fun and I think it would be even better
      > to divide things into more specific categories, as was suggested and
      > done to some extent with the Star Wars category this year. Perhaps
      > something like the following would be ideal:
      > Childrens
      > Comics
      > Sci-Fi/Fantasy
      > Anime/Manga
      > Group
      > That way, people who wear a Spiderman or Superman costume aren't
      > competing against people dressed up as a Klingon or X-Wing pilot and
      > aren't competing against Anime characters. Everyone would also feel as
      > if he/she has a better chance to win his or her individual category.

      I agree there should be more categories now that the size of the
      costume contest is growing, but I don't know about having an
      anime/manga category. It's a comic book convention. Things like sci-fi
      and cartoons are generally accepted at comicons. Just like video games
      are also accepted at anime conventions. But there's no Star Wars
      category at anime cons because that's not who they're catering to.

      There aren't many cosplayers that attend Comicon anyway. Maybe have
      like a "Best Anime/Manga Costume Honorable Mention" but I don't think
      they should get a major award just because they're in the minority and
      have little competition.

      And before you go saying I'm hating on the anime and manga community,
      I AM part of the anime and manga community (been to at least 3 major
      anime cons a year for the past 5 years)

      Wow I hope that didn't sound bitchy or anything but that's just my
      opinion ^^; I have respect for the Comicon and the crowd they're
      trying to attract and if they can't even pronounce the character names
      (which I don't blame them) then they're obviously looking for a
      different crowd.

      (Oh, and you should add Video Games to the above categories ^^)
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