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A few good and bad things

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  • koni1337
    I ll start off with my bad experience because then when I list the good experiences I had it ll dull the bad experience. I came to the con dressed as the tenth
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29 4:54 PM
      I'll start off with my bad experience because then when I list the
      good experiences I had it'll dull the bad experience.

      I came to the con dressed as the tenth Doctor from the latest season
      of Doctor Who. The man in charge of the registration desk--he was
      wearing a yellowish greenish shirt with horizontal stripes, and
      that's the only means I have to identify him--deemed that I was in
      street clothes (though suit and tie is hardly what most people would
      consider street clothes. There was a Dean Venture with merely a
      white T-shirt and a pair of tan pants that got in free, not that I'm
      dissing him. He and his Venture Bros. group was awesome), and said I
      had to pay full price admission in spite of the fact that I had more
      than enough reference, and that a random attendee (who was dressed as
      the fourth Doctor and TARDIS) walked buy and snapped my picture in

      Since the website does not give the stipulation that the costume has
      to be something that the registration on staff at the time had to
      recognize, I went to the info desk to complain, and the woman there
      was very nice and sympathetic and took me to the other reigstration
      desk to help me get my money back. When we got there, they seemed
      reasonably sympathetic too, but then the same man from the other desk
      showed up and started yelling at me again, threatening me with
      explusion and saying that I was trying to take advantage of the
      system. Because the rest of the staff was so kind, they offered me
      half my cost back, much to his dismay. I feel kind of bad for the
      two women at the registration desk because I think by that time I was
      so frustrated that I was becoming smart with them, but I really do
      appreciate the help of the info desk woman and the registration desk

      I've staffed a lot of other cons before, and there are only a few
      good solutions to this problem. Either honor what the website says
      and let anyone that's in a costume come in for free, or do away with
      the free Sunday altogether. From what I've experienced, it's a lot
      more trouble than it's worth.

      So, that was my bad experience. Anyway, on to the good experiences.

      I really enjoyed the costuming contest. Lots of people took my
      picture during my time on stage (which, during the registration
      fiasco I was afraid that maybe the reason I wasn't allowed in was
      because people didn't recognize my costume and entering the
      competition would be fruitless). After the costuming contest, more
      people wanted my picture, especially with me flashing the sonic
      screwdriver LED thingie. It made me feel rather good because it took
      me time and a fair sum of money to get the pieces for the tenth
      Doctor's suit.

      The dealers were kind and helpful, and there was a lot of selection
      in the room. One of them even gave me a bit off of a Doctor Who
      comic I purchased just because I was in the costume. However, it was
      fun just to look through things and try to find interesting
      merchandise. I didn't spend a whole lot, but that's because I didn't
      bring much to begin with. Still, it was a great selection and
      everyone was so kind.

      The majority of the staff was friendly, especially the ones that
      worked the costume contest. And I appreciate the help other staff
      members gave me, especially from the info desk and the reg ladies
      that gave me a partial refund.

      Something that I really enjoyed, though I didn't win anything, was
      the Heroes contest that they did. That was a clever addition.

      I've just about run out of things to say, so I think I'll wrap this
      up. Thanks for listening to my rant and what I was pleased with, and
      I hope this helps make Comicon better and better.
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