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my day 2

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  • bsimon9427@aol.com
    this is only my second con. i went today and not yesterday. really didnt spend much time at the vendor booths no one ever has what i am looking for, i m not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2007
      this is only my second con. i went today and not yesterday. really didnt spend much time at the vendor booths no one ever has what i am looking for, i'm not into ultra old issues of books, etc. i walked through a few times just to see whats there in the off chance someone had something but i didnt spend more then 2 min at one booth just window shopping more or less. i could see someone selling chocolates inside but why was someone selling basement water proofing? i know basements flood and collections can be lost that way but come on who goes to a comic book convention looking for an awesome deal on water proofing their basement?
      the artists i talked to were super nice. one even remembered me from last year. i honestly dont know one guy from another and who does or did what book. i skimmed through the guest list on the web sight and if i saw the books i read listed in someones profile then i made a note. those were the people i spent my time with talking and getting things signed. the other people i walked by their booths and if they werent busy i would stop and look at their stuff and chit chat. i had a great time talking with them. everyone was more then friendly and eager to talk. of the ones i talked to even the small press guys said sales were good and picking up. the place was packed when i was there, 1:30-4:30.
      but for as much fun as i had it wasnt worth the 18 bux to me. times are tight and nothing inside the door is cheap so money has to be spent wisely. i like looking over the small press area but the constant sales pitches get to me. i know thats their job but nothing there was my taste in reading, didnt even see something remotely good i would be interested in but hey thats just me, to each their own right.. i just wanted to check out the art work.
      i had thought of what someone mentioned before of a separate ticket for each side. i'd by the artist ticket as thats all i'm really there for but they cant split the con up. one side or the other would get mad. seemed to be an even mix on both sides tho. but had the ticket been 10 bux, i could have gotten 5 friends to come with me, all backed out solely on the price. they arent comic readers but used to be and said it sounded cool but not for the price. seems to me they are pushing away potential fans and profit with the high ticket price. had those 5 friends gone, say 2 of them had a blast and found stuff that reminded them of their childhood, bought books or toys or even better got back into collecting. sales would have been alot higher and better in the long run bc they converted a non fan into a new fan.
      18 bux is steep but i see it as it dont take me long or much gas to get there. i'm going sunday in costume so thats 9 bux a day. that i can afford. only reason for going saturday is i can carry around my back pack for things i want signed and carry things i buy and not be burdened with it in costume. besides it would clash  lol i'm not entering the contest tomorrow as it was a waste of time for me last yr. the judging i dont find very fair and by the time it wrapped up alot of artists and other booths had packed up and were leaving or gone to catch flights home kinda thing so i missed a few people.
      will i go next year? depends on who is there from what books i read. if its just one or two people then probly not. on a sadder note anyone peak in on the sports collectibles show next door? when i got there it looked like 15-20 people in there walking around. when i left it was like a ghost town.
      i'll be the tall guy dressed as snake eyes tomorrow, if ya see me say hey.

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