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Re: [pittscomicon] Autograph opportunities

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  • jerry self
    lol turner was in charlotte at heroes for the start of his fathom tour and had a limit here but when i went to pitts he said no limits, just make sure if you
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 18, 2006
      turner was in charlotte at heroes for the start of his fathom tour and had a limit here but when i went to pitts he said no limits, just make sure if you have em bagged, you pull em out of the bag first. what is MORE fun though is the couple items and get him to talk about the books

      R Howard <thezeppo1138@...> wrote:
      Generally speaking, there aren't any autographs at the panels (either before or after), because the convention needs the rooms for whatever is in there next.  Most of the guests, like Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz will be at their tables in the dealers room for the majority of the time the room is open.  Of course all guests take breaks to eat, relax, etc., so they won't be at their tables constantly.
      Some of the guests who get really long lines (e.g. Bendis and Turner) may schedule specific signing times.  That's so they aren't stuck signing for 8 straight hours and also so that there aren't giagantic lines winding all the way through the convention.  The convention typically doesn't schedule signing times so your best bet is to stop by the guests' booths or tables first thing and ask someone there if there's a signing schedule. 
      Also, not all guests like to put limits on the number of items they'll sign, but use your best judgement and be considerate of the people waiting behind you.  I recommend picking out a handful of items (4-6) you'd really like to get signed.  Then, if the line dies down and you want to get more stuff signed, get back in line.  Don't take a copy of every single book Bendis has written or Turner has drawn and expect them to spend 10 minutes signing all of them for you while 150 people wait in line behind you.

      Don Driscoll <ddriscoll0004@...> wrote:
      Ok guys. This is my first con and I'm extremely excited. I'm from Pittsburgh originally, but now live in Virginia. No cons come my way. Anyways,
      When it comes to getting autographs, when exactly would this happen? I have my copy of What If? #105 that I would love to get signed by Todd Defalco. Now they are doing the Spider-girl panel. Would there be autograph opportunities before or after this panel. The same question applies to guys like Bendis and Turner. I'm trying to plan my con time and my family reunion time. If anyone has more experience and information that they would like to share, I'd greatly appreciate it.
      See you in a few days!

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