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  • Derek Kirby
    Not sure if I can reply all or not to this but here goes. Bring a BACKPACK!!!  Being a father of 2 kids I learned a long time ago going anywhere like this to
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 13, 2012
      Not sure if I can reply all or not to this but here goes.
      Bring a BACKPACK!!!
       Being a father of 2 kids I learned a long time ago going anywhere like this to take one.You get all kinds of free stuff as well as all the things you are having signed and buying and yes bring the snacks in it.I also use a dress shirt box to protect my comics.
      This is my 3rd comic con and my sons 2nd.We have our VIP Stan Lee tickets and arent counting down the days.
       Hope to see you all there.

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      few cons back i nearly passed out in my snake eyes costume. no lie. i sweat like mad in that thing and walking around with friends all day and taking endless pix things like a break and food and drinks can slip your mind as time fly's. i was getting light headed and like ah guys i need to sit down before i fall down so we went over to where some girls were giving out those nasty viper energy drinks and i guzzled like 3 in a row and sipped on a 4th.
      then got up after about 30 min of sitting and BSing and went back at it lol
      coming in costume is always fun. i have a terminator costume im pretty sure most of you havnt seen yet. its only been at the steel city con, two cons ago. so that will probly be sundays. i also have a completely made up character to debut if its done in time. i just barely got all the parts for it but i have to reengineer some of the electronics for it and wire it into the suit. i hope to have it done in time to piece it all together even if the clothing i want to use with it isnt the right ones
      so if you see a guy 6'6" in costume, chances are its me, stop me and we can take pix 
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      Bart! right
      come in come on sunday and get in free..and its a great way to meet new people! also bring a snack bar ( like pop tart) cause you might get so excited you could forget to eat ( it happens ...to me) and don't forget to HAVE FUN! can't wait to met you!
      I'm not sure if anyone said this so i would like to be the first WELCOME TO THE PITTSBURGH COMICON! ENJOY!
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      > come in costume. its a great place to cos-play and if you come in costume
      > on Sunday you get in freeeeeeeee! dont get better then that.
      > ill be there in costume sat and sunday. not sure which ones i will be in
      > yet as i have a new one in the works but since i have been
      > busy/procrastinating its not ready yet.
      > -bart
      > In a message dated 4/2/2012 9:57:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      > topper_2001@... writes:
      > Hi everyone,
      > This will be my first time visiting the Pittsburgh Comicon and I just
      > wanted to see if anyone had some tips.
      > I'll only be able to make it up on Saturday and want to try and fit in as
      > much as possible.

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