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Two Great Roles Left in STAGE Adaptation of Lionsgate Independent Horror Film!

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  • rageofthestage
    An opportunity so unbelievable right here in Pittsburgh, that it s going to be featured in FANGORIA MAGAZINE and PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE (among others) for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2011
      An opportunity so unbelievable right here in Pittsburgh, that it's going to be featured in FANGORIA MAGAZINE and PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE (among others) for national exposure! If you like horror, this may be your chance to be a part of something spectacular that has never been on stage before! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

      The Rage of the Stage Players (now celebrating our 10th anniversary), Pittsburgh's dark/alternative performance company specializing in original horror, adult-oriented comedy, and mature fantasy shows, just to name a few of our strange genres, will be holding INDIVIDUAL AUDITIONS for their exciting, high-profile, and nationally advertised stage play adaptation of The Butcher Brothers' award-winning horror/drama, THE HAMILTONS! It was among the "Eight Films to Die For" in the first annual Lionsgate After Dark Horrorfest. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS -NOT- A FILM, BUT A STAGE PLAY ADAPTED FROM THE FILM.

      THE HAMILTONS is a horror/drama about a quirky group of orphaned siblings, held together by elder brother, David, and whose disfunction seems no more extraordinary than that of any other struggling modern family. However, things are rarely as they appear, and the disturbing secrets of this particular foursome run deep...deep beneath their HOUSE, that is.

      This is a tremendous chance for any actor to be seen! It will be adapted and directed for the stage by local playwright James Michael Shoberg (ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN "WONDERLAND," DRACULA - DRAGON PRINCE, DOROTHY IN OZ, TWISTED MONOLOGUES, FAIREST: THE BLACK TALE OF SNOW WHITE), and will premiere in Pittsburgh in the October/November 2011, to correspond with the Halloween season, and will be produced by The Rage of the Stage Players! This is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED, as influential eyes will be on this nationally advertised production, as well! A truly one-of-a-kind opportunity!

      We need performers of varying ages and types, so check character descriptions below carefully for more information, to see if you may fit one or more of them.



      DAVID HAMILTON (LEAD) - The head of the Hamilton family...a handsome, white male in his 20s, struggling to keep up the appearance of a normal family. His attitude is upbeat to a creepy level, especially in light of the fact he works for a slaughterhouse. The character is also gay, so any males who have issues with that aspect should not apply.

      KITTY DAVIES (SECONDARY) - She is a young "goth chick," 18 to early 20s. (She may be a little older, but must look young.) Thin, pale, and pretty. Must be comfortable with kissing another girl. Her eventual "fate" is one of the most memorable parts of the entire story.

      There are also a few one-scene cameo roles if you'd like to contact us.


      These are two excellent, memorable roles for actors looking to build their resumes and gain visibility as stage performers!

      Individual auditions will be held BY APPOINTMENT, with the casting director. Only actors who fit the correct initial physical stats will move on to the audition round. If you enjoy horror and would like the chance to originate a stage role in a world-premiere play, this just may be your chance!

      Please email a theatrical resume (only if you have one) and a headshot or group of current photographs (or link to photographs) to rageofthestage(at)yahoo(dot)com. You will be asked to do a "cold reading" from a script. No monologues necessary. Even if you have limited experience, you may still have what it takes. You may direct any questions you may have to: rageofthestage(at)yahoo(dot)com, as well. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the film, so you are aware of the dark subject matter.

      Performers within the Pittsburgh area only, please. Must have reliable transportation as rehearsals and performances will be held in the SOUTH HILLS area (the last two weeks in October, and the first week in November). Performers under 18, must have the written permission of a parent before cast, due to the play's content. PLEASE NOTE: ALL ROLES ARE UNPAID AS THE RAGE OF THE STAGE PLAYERS ARE A NOT-FOR-PROFIT, VOLUNTARY ARTISTS' ORGANIZATION. However, it is well-worth the exposure alone, and would be an excellent resume' piece, as it is a rare, and extraordinary opportunity, folks!

      For more information, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the film, or read about the source material on this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hamiltons and www.facebook.com/rageofthestage
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