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Re: [pittscomicon] Hooking up with with women online is great!

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    bless all hookers......everyone Chad Space Ghost Wilson wrote:Re: [pittscomicon] Hooking up with with women online is great!
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 15 1:48 PM
      bless all hookers......everyone

      "Chad \"Space Ghost\" Wilson" <spacghst@...> wrote:
      Re: [pittscomicon] Hooking up with with women online is great! on 1/15/06 10:58 AM, georgette.murdock8245@... at georgette.murdock8245@... wrote:

      Well even if you're not looking for love, and just a bit of fun thought I'd give you all this tip. So you can stay away from all the BS fake profiles places. This is what I've been using http://www.followmeherenow.info/ykol . No joke, I've messaged about 5 women close to me and already 3 have responded, and I am already organising to meet up with one. Not bad for a guy who hasn't had a date in a while, lol! :)

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