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Re: [pittscomicon] A message about a recent tragedy.

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  • James Rowe
    I m sorry for your loss.   Join the dark side ... We have cookies Darth Stewie James ________________________________ From: comiconguy
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 24, 2009
      I'm sorry for your loss.
      "Join the dark side ... We have cookies"
      Darth Stewie


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      Subject: [pittscomicon] A message about a recent tragedy.


      If you all can bear with me for a little, I need to talk about a loss that we, the staff of the Pittsburgh Comicon are facing. One of our friends and long-time staff members, Mike Naugle, passed away last week due to complications from a back surgery. Mike's passing is a complete and utter shock. He was far too young and far too good of a person to be taken like this and truthfully I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around this, so I'm using this venue to get some of my feelings out. Some of you will know Mike and many of you will not and that's fine. Many of you wouldn't know me if you saw me and I post here all the time. But the truth is, if we as a staff are doing our jobs correctly there is no reason for you to know who we are. Mike has been involved with the Comicon for as long as I have (15+ years) and suffice it to say that Mike was a fun and friendly guy with a good heart and my heart breaks for his family and for his friends that were closer to Mike than I was (Joel, Nathanial, Dave, Bill and others.)

      I feel like I have to explain the friendship our staff shares, at least how I see it. I come from a small rural town in Pennsylvania and although I grew up with many friends and a close knit family, I never had anyone that understood my love of comics. Everyone saw it as my strange little facination and in time it would pass. It wasn't until I found Comics World and in turn joined the staff of the Pittsburgh Comicon that suddenly I found a circle of friends that for the first time in my life understood me and with whom I could revel in my obsession. So they all hold a special place in my heart and they are like family to me. A casual observer may look at us as a group and think we see each other all the time, but the truth is we all come from different places in the state/country and there are years that the only time we are all under the same roof is at the show. So the show for us (or at least for me) is like a family reunion and now one of our family has been lost and I'm sick and sad and angry.

      In mere days, I'll be back doing what I need to do to promote the show and upcoming Comics World events, because that's my job.

      But today, I mourn my friend and pray for his friends and family.

      God Bless you, Mike. Thank you for your friendship.

      Thank You All for your friendship,


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