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Re: [pittscomicon] Pittsburgh Comicon Post-Con Update

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    It was nice meeting you as well. I have several people chomping at the bit for April, Do Us proud... as far as guests Id like to see, How about outside the
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      It was nice meeting you as well. I have several people chomping at the bit for April, Do Us proud...
      as far as guests Id like to see, How about outside the genre? retired Steelers, maybe some UFC fighters, i will say wrestlers, but not the normal ones...lol As for evening events, Maybe a Open Mic Comedy night could be interesting. All I know is, I look forward to the comicon every year, I work all the time and i make it a point to make sure I have con weekend off every year. I appreciate  the work you and everyone else involved do to make each Con the success it is.
      HOTELS... Red Roof Inn yeah its cheap for a reason, I cant even find a Star to give them.

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      Hey Folks,

      I've been enjoying reading all your your comments and suggestions over the last two days since Pittsburgh Comicon 2009 officially closed its doors for this year. I would have responded earlier but I've been kinda decompressing.

      From our perspective, the 2009 show was a big success. I won't get a chance to meet with Renee until tomorrow to do some post con analysis, but so many things could have gone wrong with this being the first time in our new venue, and for the most part things went just about as well as we could have ever hoped. There was some hand wringing Saturday afternoon when the Stan Lee schedule went a little awry and we weren't sure we'd get all the ticket holders through the line, but Stan came up big and got them all done.

      I was happy to get to see some of you guys there. It was nice to meet Dugger, and of course Troy was right up front while I was pulling tickets for the Quick Sketch. (Wish I could have pulled some more numbers for you, but you did pretty well on Saturday!!!)

      For whoever asked, The dates for the 2010 show are April 23-25, 2010.

      It's been great talking to you all leading up to the show, and I'll keep you informed on all the news for 2010.

      Below is the post con report that I'll be sending out to our email subscribers if you want to take alook.

      Thanks Again,

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      Pittsburgh Comicon Post Con Report - A New Venue, Stan Lee and more!!!
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      Hey There all you Comiconiacs,

      I've finally decompressed enough to give a report on our 2009 Pittsburgh Comicon.

      We opened up our new venue, The Monroeville Convention Center, with style this past weekend. Attendees were graced with such comic talents as Adam Hughes, Mike McKone, Scott McDaniel, Terry Moore, Khoi Pham, Ramona Fradon, Greg Horn, Sean McKeever, Billy Tucci and more. And of course on Saturday, we had the pleasure of hosting our guest of honor, Stan Lee.

      Mr. Lee received the key to the city Saturday morning before sitting down and signing autographs for 1000 fans!!

      Besides all the great artists and vendors, we also hosted a number of great events over the weekend.

      Brian Pulido showed previews of his upcoming film, The Graves to a packed house of horror fans.

      The Guys from www.comicgeekspeak. com hosted the annual Trivia contest

      The Annual Costume Contest saw a slew of heroes and villains

      and the Quick Sketch, one of our most popular events, was bigger than ever with such talented artists as Adam Hughes, Jamal Igle, Greg Horn, Terry Moore, Talent Caldwell and many more. Sunday's Quick Sketch included 20 artists and we raffled away over 86 pieces of art for charity that day alone.

      Speaking of charity, we raised over $12,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the 2009 Charity Auction and over the weekend we also raised a nice chunk of change for both the CBLDF and the Hero Alliance.

      We are extremely happy with our new home. It's Bigger, It's Brighter and it still had that new convention hall smell.

      For those of you that missed the 2009 show, you missed a great one, but let your heart not be troubled because you only have to wait six months before we do it all over again. We'll be back to our traditional April dates in 2010.

      So I'm going to take a day or two to bask in the glory of Pittsburgh Comicon 2009 then it will be back to work on Pittsburgh Comicon 2010, April 23, 24 and 25!
      Just a preview of our guest list for 2010, includes such returning favorites as:
      Joe Linsner, Jim Balent, Joe Benitiz, Margot Kidder and first timers: Marv Wolfman and Tom Mandrake.

      I'll have information on 2010 up on the website soon and I should have pictures of 2009 up on the site by the end of the week. www.pittsburghcomic on.com

      Thank You all so much for helping to make this year great and I'll be in touch about 2010 soon.

      Patrick Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

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