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Re: [pittscomicon] Re: RE:con review

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  • Andrew Harmon
    Offended? I m sorry I missed her! :)
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 15, 2009
      Offended? I'm sorry I missed her! :)

      On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 2:34 PM, gcwiggs <gcwiggs@...> wrote:

      Hopefully nobody gets offended by the Jean Grey remark.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "gcwiggs" <gcwiggs@...> wrote:
      > I know i said it already, but i loved this year's con, not only did i get STAN THE MAN LEE'S AUTOGRAPH, but i even got my picture taken with a really cute Phoenix/Jean Grey.
      > --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, Todd James <uss_escort@> wrote:
      > >
      > > This year's con was great. The new facility was a hit. The artists did keep commenting about the better light. I was able to get some great sketches from some of the folks. I got a great E-2 Huntress from Ramona Fradon, another great E-2 Huntress from Jamal Igle, Glenn Klimeck (a.k.a. "Why is this guy not drawing for the big guys?!?!? Guy") drew a fantastic E-2 Huntress for me (gee, I am beginning to see a pattern here....), and I spent some clams on Jay Fife Island for a pack of his prints (anyone wanna guess who was in the packet?). The auction was another great event. I gotta say that the artists and dealers that come to the show are generous to a fault when it comes to supporting causes like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hero Initiative, CBLDF, and other deserving causes. I am sure that once Patrick gets back in the saddle today or tomorrow he will provide a better round up of information, especially regarding the Stan Lee Event (and what an
      > > EVENT it was ), but I just wanted to keep the good vibrations flowing.
      > >

    • Andrew Harmon
      I was faced to a wall (the women s bathroom actually) but didn t mind it. Not that I m into bathrooms or anything LOL
      Message 2 of 10 , Sep 15, 2009
        I was faced to a wall (the women's bathroom actually) but didn't mind it. Not that I'm into bathrooms or anything LOL

        On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 6:10 PM, dark_mullet <Zeolahn@...> wrote:

        Considering that it was the first time in a new venue and didn't have a walking distance hotel, the Con turned out a lot better than I was expecting. It was a very good trial Con. I like how bright the convention center is.

        That being said, it's a lot smaller, or at least it seemed so. It seemed like there were a lot less booths, and I was not a fan of how Artist's Alley was set up. And I don't know if something can be done about it, but I know that some artists did not enjoy that they had to stare at a wall all day, whereas always in the past they had something/one across from them.

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