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The PREMIERE of The Rage of the Stage Players' "Dorothy in Oz!"

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  • rageofthestage
    Poor Dorothy Gale. Poor, mentally disturbed Dorothy Gale. Now that she s been committed to the Oslin Center, there s little left to do but watch as her mind
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      Poor Dorothy Gale. Poor, mentally disturbed Dorothy Gale. Now that she's been committed to the Oslin Center, there's little left to do but watch as her mind unravels...and you're invited to do just that.

      The Rage of the Stage Players are pleased to announce the world premier of their latest warped fairy tale, an new adaptation of The Wizard of Oz entitled "Dorothy in Oz," September 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th, 2009. Set in a mental hospital, "Dorothy in Oz" is the story of a young lady named Dottie (as she prefers to be called), who, via an experimental new psychiatric drug, descends into the warped confines of Oz. All performances will take place at The Brew House, 2100 Mary Street, on Pittsburgh's historic South Side. Curtain for all shows is 8:00 PM and tickets are $13.00 (cash at the door). For more information or to place a reservation, please call (412) 851-0922 or email rageofthestage@.... Due to harsh language and sexual situations, this show is NOT recommended for extremely young or sensitive viewers.

      Dottie Gale (Adrienne Fischer) is a troubled young lady suffering from bi-polar disorder. When she is committed by her Aunt Em (Renee Ruzzi-Kern) and Uncle Henry to the Oslin Center for psychiatric care, she falls prey to the cold and ambitious Dr. Green (Barb Sawatis), who's desire to test a new drug, Cyclozil, plunges Dottie into a distorted fantasy version of the hospital, known simply as Oz. There she meets Glinda (Carrie L. Shoberg), a scatterbrained therapist; a heroine addicted, goth-rocker who calls himself Skarekrow (Chucky Hendershot); Rusty (Sean Michael Gallaher), a heartless, pierced, rage-filled biker; Mr. Lyons (Joseph A. Roots), an impotent sex-fiend; Oz (Thomas Sterner), the mysterious chief administrator of the hospital; Miss Gates (Brittany Spinelli), his receptionist; The Wicked Witch of the West Wing (Barb Sawatis), a crazed doctor with a penchant for illegal experimentation; and Grunt (Harry J. Roth), Twitch (Lindsay Nagel), and Swish (Stephen Chamberlain), three college students whom the Witch turned into her personal lab monkeys. Can Dottie maintain her sanity long enough to find her way back?

      "Dorothy in Oz" is the latest of Rage's dark/adult-oriented fairy tales...the last being their wildly successful and critically acclaimed "Alice's Adventures in 'Wonderland.'" It features an original script by local playwright and Rage co-founder James Michael Shoberg, who also directs the production. Fans of L. Frank Baum's work will appreciate the many subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to both the children's novel and the 1939 film, as well as other, naughtier gems.

      So come join us for a little insanity. We promise that after a glimpse into Rage's skewed world, you'll definitely be saying, "There's no place like home."

      The Rage of the Stage Players are an educational collective of artists from various disciplines whose mission it is to present original works of an alternative nature (black comedy, fantasy, horror, etc.), to a more mature audience, or to put forth established works in an innovative way. The Rage of the Stage Players extend the opportunity to any student (18 years of age and older) or adult in the community who wishes to apply an artistic skill in a theatrical setting. We strive to satisfy darker tastes in art, and thusly, have developed a fan-base composed of those who seek it. To that end, The Rage of the Stage Players welcome any and all support in our endeavor to keep such entertainment alive.
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