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  • comiconguy
    Hey Folks, I don t want to jinx it, but I think you can look forward to a huge announcement about the Comicon next week!!!! In the meantime, don t forget about
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2009
      Hey Folks,

      I don't want to jinx it, but I think you can look forward to a huge announcement about the Comicon next week!!!!

      In the meantime, don't forget about the Pittsburgh Comic & Collectible Show this Sunday. All the details are below as provided by Todd from New Dimension Comics.

      Talk to you next week,




      Inside the Century III Mall from 11-5. $3.00 admission! Details here:


      New Dimension Comics subscribers get in FREE. Ask for details at any NDC location!

      Since the Pittsburgh Comicon ( http://www.pittsburghcomicon.com/) has been pushed back to Sept. 11-13th this year, New Dimension Comics has decided to fill your Spring yearn for comic book conventions with a 1-day extravaganza!

      Goodie Bag Goodies!
      The first 200 folks attending the show will get at least 5 comics! And more....!

      See pics of all the great door prizes at : http://www.ndcomics.com/0508show.html

      Held Inside Pittsburgh's Century III Mall in West Mifflin, PA


      Century III Mall
      3075 Clairton Rd. #940
      West Mifflin, PA 15213

      Yes - this is the SAME mall where we have a store location! The show will be held in the former Steve & Berries location

      Admission $3.00

      Door Prizes! Freebies! The first 200 attendees get a special Goodie Bag full of treats!

      Dealers from all around will be attending buying & selling all types of comic books, toys, and collectibles! Bring your want list!

      Special Guests !

      **** Comics by our special guests are on sale now at our Century III Mall location ****

      Pat & Shelly Block

      Disney Artist/Writers for Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Junior Woodcucks, and others.

      Robert Brewer

      Writer/artist who works mainly in the comic book, digital art and horror genres. Through Fat Jar Studios he has produced the popular Dark Things 1-3, Tear Collector , DevilFace, Papa Zuzu and two collections of short stories (Season of Rot & Season of Despair). Brewer is also the writer of the low budget horror film Dead Summer part of the Diaries of the Living Dead double feature. Stop by his booth and pick up a comic or a unique print or just to talk about what scares you at night.

      George Broderick, Jr.

      Courageous Man, Christmas Eve, Lost in Space, Quantum Leap, Speed Racer, Simpsons.

      The ubiquitous GEORGE BRODERICK, JR. has worked all over the place for pretty much everybody, most recently for Bongo on Radioactive Man and the Simpsons Super Spectacular ; as well as for Moonstone on Kolchak the Night Stalker and Suckulina, Vampire Temp ! George is currently creating a series of all-ages Christmas Comics for his imprint Cool Yule Comics.


      D.J. Coffman

      Hero By Night, FLOBOTS comic universe , Monkey Man Unleashed.

      Creator of the award winning Hero By Night comic series and now creating the FLOBOTS comic universe for the major label signed band (Universal Republic). Pastworks include: Monkey Man Unleashed, Ape-Dude, Yirmumah, Zombieopolis, Cracked.


      Dagorhir Battle Games Association

      The Ithaca chapter will attending this show! See medieval battle demos and find out how to join!


      Jay Fife

      Portrait, Pin-Up, Comics, Fantasy Artist


      Brendon & Brian Fraim

      Knights of the Dinner Table, Hackmaster RPG, The Waiting Place.

      The Brothers Fraim have worked on KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE Magazine and comics as well as the HACKMASTER and CHAMPIONS RPG systems. They have also illustrated the Harvey Award nominated Antiques: The Comic Strip and the award winning daily web comic AMERICA JR . They drew the comic book sections in the Random House novel, WOLF BOY , which will soon be a major motion picture . Most recently they drew the three issue series THE ODD SQUAD published by Devil's Due, and are currently working on several fan commissions which you can see here: http://comicartcommissions.com/Fraim328.html


      Ron Frenz

      Amazing Spider-Girl, Thor, Spider-man, Cover artist to NDC Exclusive G. I. Joe #1

      As veteran Marvel Comics artist, Ron has drawn just about every character you can think of! For New Dimension Comics, he has drawn many awesome pieces. Most recently, he did an amazing print that recreated the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15, but with a Pittsburgh twist, including 'Burgh landmarks in the background and head NDC character Todd McDevitt with his nephew Andrew in tow. This print will be available at the show. Ron also did the cover art to our own exclusive G.I Joe #1. With only 1000 produced, this rarity is nearly sold out, but NDC still has a few copies around.

      Malcolm Gittins

      Classic Monster Artist

      Joe Jusko

      Tomb Raider, Vampirella, Marvel Masterpieces Cards, Savage Sword of Conan, Heavy Metal.


      Eric Kemphfer

      has worked on numerous projects over the years. Comic books - Shattered Realm, Chang Fury, Devilface, TEAR Collector, and the upcoming Stray; games - Diskwars, Legends & Lairs, and Dragon War; and the just released costumed hero novel "Return of the Vigilantes".

      Damion Kendrick

      Working hard to live his dream of being a successful comic book artist and making a name for himself in the comic world , Damion Kendrick is the founder of Damage Arts Studio. He finally released his anticipated manga action comedy series "Chang Fury" in 2005 which became a hit in his local
      hometown and still capturing fans around the world! The first installment to his new 4 part mini series " Shattered Realm " has finally released in 2008 and has received positive reviews!

      Barry Linck

      Phineus: Magician For Hire

      Barry Linck has been producing and publishing comic books for well over a decade. As writer, artist and creator, he has continued to produce his fan favorite 'Phineus: Magician for Hire' and 'Gil: The Walking Dead (or Vampires Suck)', a monthly comic strip. Barry served as artist on 'Khozyain Protocol', and contributed artwork for 'The Creators' and 'Reverie'. Barry collaborated with Brian Babyok on such titles as 'Pan', 'Phineus: The Glamour', and 'Dark Time' An avid fan of role playing games, Barry co-created 'Backwaters of Mysticism' with John Burris. Barry currently is doing the art chores on the webcomic 'Weirdlings' and working on his third volume of 'Phineus: Magician for Hire' and 'Creephunter' & 'The Pocket Pulp Project' with Mike Wood all while raising a family in Pittsburgh.

      Sean McArdle

      Tales from the Starlight Drive-In

      A triple threat writer-artist-colorist. McArdle was an artist and designer on TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN from Image Comics for Michael San Giacomo.

      Lee Moder

      Artist on Wonder Woman, Painkiller Jane, Dragon Prince, Highlander, Legion of Super-Heroes, Barb Wire, and more!

      Lee's current work is for Top Cow with Ron Marz on Dragon Prince. NDC Trivia fact : Lee drew a Christmas card for us years ago!

      Don Pedicini Jr.

      Illustrator/Lucasfilm Artist. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR, MLB, CSI, Hammer Horror, Doctor Who, Marvel, Avengers (BBC)


      Sean Pence

      Sketch Card Artist for Lucasfilm (Star Wars / Indiana Jones), Lord of the Rings, NBC's Heroes, Iron Man, X-Men 3, HALO, Battlestar Galactica and Benchwarmer Card Sets.


      Pittsburgh Steel Man

      Pittsburgh Steel Man has teamed up with well-known local illustrator Loran Skinkis to create Pittsburgh's newest "Real Hero Saga". "Steel Man, Pittsburgh's Official Super Hero" will be promoting his first full-length comic at this show. The first full-length comic will be available in September 2009. The first run of the full-length Pittsburgh Steel Man comic will be ultra limited production, so, order yours immediately because they will not last. Limit two per customer. Sign in purchase sheets will be available at this show for Steel Man's Ultra limited, signed and numbered SteelMan comic.


      Mike San Giacomo

      Phantom Jack, Tales of the Starlight Drive-in

      Mike is a reporter at the Plain Dealer in Cleveland who started a comics review column in 1993, which is syndicated. His first book was PHANTOM JACK, the story of a reporter who could turn invisible in 2005 from Image.


      Tom Scioli

      Godland, Myth of 8-Opus.

      Thomas Scioli is the co-creator of Image Comics' Eisner-nominated series Godland and is the creator of Xeric-winning The Myth of 8-Opus. He's created written and drawn stories for several anthologies including The Next Issue Project and the upcoming third volume of PopGun. He was the cover artist for The Incredibles, and he's done artwork for such series as Elephantmen, Freedom Force, and The Fantastic Four.


      Tod Allen Smith

      Lucasfilm/Topps Cards, Razor, Marvel Masterpices Card Sets II & III, Heroes Unlimited.

      Recent work includes: Sketch card work for Lucasfilm/Topps Star Wars Galaxy 4 - Star Wars The Clone Wars - Indiana Jones Masterpieces.
      Upper Deck/Marvel Comics Marvel Masterpieces II and III
      Sketch cards for Benchwarmer Trading Cards
      Illustrations for Palladium Books Gramercy Island for Heroes Unlimited
      Inks for Imperium Comics on "Pierce"
      Inks for London Night Studios on "Razor"


      Kelli Stevens Kane

      Kelli Stevens Kane is married to a cartoon character, gave birth to a cartoon character, and is occasionally a cartoon character herself. She's the editor of Planet Saturday® Comics, a humorous fantasy semi-autobiographical comic about childhood and parenthood, written and illustrated by her husband, animator Monty S. Kane. She's the President of Planet Saturday, LLC, an art and animation studio she co-founded with her husband. She's also a founding board member of The ToonSeum, Pittsburgh's museum of cartoon art. See the adventures of her cartoon family and visit Planet Saturday® Comics online at http://www.planetsaturday.com/

      Ernie Stiner

      Nick Fury, Agent of Shield #27-31 (with Wolverine!)

      Having worked for Marvel on Nick Fury, Ernie also produces great super-hero magnets ans stickers o fall your favorite characters.


      Marc Sumerak

      Marc is best known for his writing work on the Marvel Comics series POWER PACK and the Eisner and Harvey Award nominated FRANKLIN RICHARDS: SON OF A GENIUS. Recent writing credits include MARVEL ADVENTURES: SPIDER-MAN, HULK: BROKEN WORLDS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY, WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS and more!


      Robert Tinnell

      The Black Forest, The Wicked West, The Living and the Dead, Film Director for Frankestein and Me, and Believe.

      Robert is the co-author of the Rondo Award winning best horror comic THE BLACK FOREST (Image - cowritten with Todd Livingston, art by Neil Vokes).

      Other GNs include THE WICKED WEST (also with Todd and Neil), THE LIVING AND THE DEAD (Todd and artists Micah Farritor), the Harvey Nominated EZ STREET (appeared on ComicMix.com - art by Mark Wheatley). SIGHT UNSEEN (Rue Morgue's 2006 horror comic of the year - tied with Marvel Zombies) art by Bo Hampton. Also, with Bo did DEMONS OF SHERWOOD on ComicMix. Currently doing LONE JUSTICE: CRASH for ComicMix with Wheatley. Also Boom!'s CALL OF CTHULHU series. Online strip/GN FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES (art by Ed Piskor then Alex Saviuk) was nominated for an Eisner for Best Original Graphic Album Reprint. He is directing the feature film version starting soon. Previous film credits include directing fan favorite FRANKENSTEIN AND ME with Burt Reynolds and Ryan Gosling and BELIEVE with Elisha Cuthbert (of 24).


      Mihailo Vukelic

      Back to Brooklyn (written by Garth Ennis) from Image Comics

      Born in Belgrade , former Yugoslavia in 1971, Mihailo finished a BFA at Slippery Rock University and an MFA at Stephen F. Austin in Texas . Prior to working with Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis on Back to Brooklyn, he worked mostly as a fine artist exhibiting in galleries and museums around the country (and still does). In 1994-5, he self-published a couple of comics, Battle Axis, under the name Intrepid Comics. Also published was Enchanted Worlds for Blackmore Publishing.


      Michael Wood

      Hate Your Friends, Love in a Time of Super-Villains

      Publisher of Space Monkey Comics


      Chris Yambar

      Bart Simpson Comics, Radioactive Man, Simpsons Summer Shindig, Tree House of Horror (co-written with Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons), Mr. Beat, El Mucho Grande, Spells, Twerp & Blue Baboon, Suicide Blonde (awarded Best Sci-Fi Comic Writer for 2003 in Cinescape Magazine), I Dream of Jeannie, ElfQuest, Mr. Magoo, Jetta, Edison's Frankenstein 1910, Meow Wow!, Fire-Breathing Pope, Suckulina - Vampire Temp. Independent comics legend!


      And at the store….

      West Mifflin, Century III Mall :

      ~ Show Sale! All Back issues (including Silver Age) will be 25% off this Sunday Only!

      ~ Silver Age! Our main selection of silver age is nbow on display. Also on Sale On Sunday at 25% off!
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