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Tekkoshocon claims it's bigger than Comicon

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  • axxinjaxxin
    I was reading over the Kiddiecon forum earlier this evening, and ... From dag1959: I also attend comicom and notice its going be in the wicks building next to
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      I was reading over the Kiddiecon forum earlier this evening, and
      someone asked the following question:

      From dag1959:

      I also attend comicom and notice its going be in the wicks building
      next to the expo mart if dl is too big (hotel expensive pay parking
      even if you are a guest of the hotel) do you think next year you may
      change location sorry for the question I love tekko and I so save all
      year to attend but this year its costing and arm and a leg.

      Here's the responses from two of the staff... you guys will get a kick
      out of this:

      (Oh, and PS, I hate Tekkoshocon, if it hasn't been abundantly made
      clear before).


      From: Feytaline

      Tekkoshocon has been growing larger and larger every year since it
      started, and we needed a location that could accommodate this growth.
      After looking over every possible convention center in Pittsburgh, the
      Board of Directors decided that this was the best possible solution.
      Moving to a smaller location would not make sense-- we'd have to put
      on an attendance cap, which would mean demand for badges would go up,
      which would mean prices would likely have to go up... in the end,
      everyone's miserable.

      I am not sure of exact attendance numbers, but please bear in mind
      that the Pittsburgh Comicon has only ever had half the Expomart,
      whereas our last year, we had the entire Expomart plus the Raddison.

      Although it is standard practice for hotels to charge for parking,
      we're doing our best to get you a good rate (trust me, we're feeling
      it too.)

      As for the planned Monroeville convention center, I could not find an
      article that stated its completion date, just square footage, and I'm
      not sure how that compares to the exact footage we have this year, but
      I know it cannot compare to how much space we have to grow into!
      Anything's possible, but I find the possibility of us moving back to
      Monroeville extremely unlikely short of dinosaurs rampaging the DLLCC
      or the zombie apocalypse NOT happening in Monroeville, but downtown
      instead. But c'mon, we all know that happens in Monroeville.

      From: Spacemangroove

      Ok, here's the skinny...

      First: Tekkoshocon is a bigger show than Pittsburgh Comicon and has
      been so for several years. we took up the entire volume of available
      space, while comicon took up only the south and east wings and a few
      rooms in the Radisson.

      Now, the Monroeville Expomart (before the, still pending, demolition.)
      had 106,000 square feet of space. Given the way that the facility was
      broken up, (Not to mention the fact that there were no air walls in
      two thirds of the space.) issues were cropping up even before we
      learned they intended to do something... Drastic, with the space.
      Seriously, sometimes we had to use VERY large rooms for VERY small
      panels... Sometimes we didn't have a room large enough for specific
      panels, and sound bleed in the south and east wings (Since all the
      Expomart had in those wings were curtains.) was ALWAYS a problem.
      (Don't believe me? Read comments from past Tekko wrap-up threads.
      They're archived here.)

      Now, I can honestly say that given hotel space (We had to have
      several, "overflow", hotels.) and the breakup of space in the 'mart,
      we had outgrown the venue... I know, it didn't seem like it, given the
      wide walkways in the 'mart and the grand expanse of un-used space in
      the east wing, but we really had. Now, the Monroeville Radisson is
      getting SIGNIFICANTLY smaller and the Expomart... Well, I don't know
      about the 'mart (Having not seen the numbers that Feytaline has
      found.) The Board of directors looked at virtually every available
      option, from places in the suburbs and surrounding countryside (Like
      Seven Springs, which having toured the place, would have never
      worked... But it was certainly pretty.) to the various hotels in the
      area. We even thought of renting space in a "dead" mall. (That sounds
      like an astoundingly good idea until you get in to the reality of
      logistics... "Dead" malls turned out to be a horror show... Don't
      bother making the zombie movie references, I already have made most of

      Not to say that the David L. Lawrence doesn't present logistics
      problems (Like pay parking, but other cons deal with that too.) but it
      was the absolute best option. The Westin is ENORMOUS. we have plenty
      of space to grow into the hotel. They have also dealt with fandom
      conventions before. (Anthrocon) In fact, they have a meeting person
      specifically assigned to deal with more "Fringe" conventions. (Trust
      me, this makes everyone's life easier even if you don't directly see
      the effects.)

      Additionally, the David L. Lawrence convention center is gigantic,
      providing more space than we could likely conveniently fill in the
      next five years, even at our usual projected rate of growth... And we
      have WALLS, honest to goodness walls and rooms which will comfortably
      hold everyone and can continue to do so as we grow. Plus the DLLCC has
      the wide walkways that made the Expomart such a breeze to navigate.

      In all honesty, we have the best space available and the new Expomart
      would have to be something pretty spectacular for us to consider
      another move... Of course, that all depends on when the thing actually
      gets built too...

      *This is just my $.02, but if you do the research, I think you'll find
      I'm pretty close to right.
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