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Re: Convicted Sex Offender Working with Tekkoshocon

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  • axxinjaxxin
    Just to make it look like I didn t just abandon my earlier message, I have taken this issue with Ellen to private message as to not clog the board up. However,
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 20 12:47 AM
      Just to make it look like I didn't just abandon my earlier message, I
      have taken this issue with Ellen to private message as to not clog the
      board up.

      However, keep in mind, this just another of a long list of
      "suspicious" activity by Tekkoshocon. Let us not forget what happened
      at last year's con with the artist's alley that was by every
      definition, ILLEGAL. For the uneducated, several members of the
      security staff barricaded the artists in the artists alley in a room
      and yelled and screamed at them for 20 or so minutes. Meanwhile, the
      former con chair of Tekkoshocon was attempting to gain entry to the
      room from the outside and knew this was going on. This act led to a
      member of Tekkoshocon's senior staff's resignation from the Board of
      Directors, as he was the person "screaming" at the artists. From my
      nine years in the legal field, if even one person would have called
      the police from inside that room, my sense is there would have been
      arrests made for false imprisonment, possibly kidnapping (much in the
      same manner that OJ was arrested for kidnapping), and the con more
      than likely would have been shut down at that point.

      Also, I have it from good authority from some people at the Expomart
      that Tekkoshocon was asked to not return to the Expomart over a year
      ahead of the planned renovations because the hotel was tired of
      playing babysitter to all the under 18's running around the hotel and
      Expomart unsupervised. And from my experience with the Westin,
      because I stay there for business when I'm in Pittsburgh, they are not
      going to tolerate unsupervised children and the noise and ruckus for a

      With that, I'm done ranting, and this topic, at least as far as I'm
      concerned, is closed.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "kyoteklaw" <ivorykyote@...> wrote:
      > Attn: Rich
      > As a staff member with Tekkoshocon, I can certainly tell you that
      > Christopher Dalton is not a staff member, nor has he been one since
      > 2006. He was released from the Tekko staff when we were presented with
      > his criminal record. He was neither a second-level staffer nor a web
      > master.
      > We would appreciate it if this issue would remain separate from
      > Tekkoshocon Inc. concerning his former volunteer status.
      > Ellen Siergiej
      > Artist Alley Lieutenant
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