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Re: Apologies from mod

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  • comiconguy
    I m just happy to have you back Kirisawa. You ve kept up a great site over the years, as a staff member of the Comicon, we can t thank you and the new mods
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 24, 2008
      I'm just happy to have you back Kirisawa. You've kept up a great
      site over the years, as a staff member of the Comicon, we can't thank
      you and the new mods enough for giving the fans a place to discuss
      the show and other random stuff. I love getting on and reading about
      the goings on of our "Comicon Community" and I am looking forward to
      letting you know about exciting happenings with the 2009 Pittsburgh

      Thanks again the Kirisawa and all of you.

      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Kirisawa Fuko" <fuko_chan@...>
      > Hey again all, I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for allowing
      > spam to get so out of control. I was unable to check the group for
      > awhile and I hadn't realized until now that there was such a
      > I don't blame anyone for being upset and setting up other group
      > options. I should've checked in, at least briefly, but I didn't
      > it to get this bad. Hopefully this won't happen again, but it's up
      > you if you want to keep or delete the new groups. Honestly, I just
      > skimmed over message titles at this point, as I'm still really busy,
      > so I'm not sure how far the new groups got or if a lot of people
      > migrated there already.
      > Regardless, I will keep this group open (this's the first real
      > with the group since it's been open for 5 years, after all). I
      > mod-ified both people that volunteered so far, aharmona and
      > brandysdad_2000. Guys, I gave you all the privileges that mods can
      > have, besides being able to add/delete mods and delete the group. So
      > if you have some time and wouldn't mind going back and deleting spam
      > and banning spammers, that'd be awesome. If you can see how to
      > the settings to require typing a code for new members to join, as
      > someone suggested, I'm all for that. Or if someone wants to direct
      > toward how to do it, as I couldn't find it.
      > If anyone else would like to volunteer to be a mod, as well, I'm up
      > for adding another few, just to be safe and make it easier on
      > Again, sorry for all the trouble!!
      > ~Kiri
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