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Deep Fried and other suff

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  • baldalbinoyeti
    If you didn t buy some copies of Jason Yungbluth s Deep Fried , you should have your head examined. I swear, Deep Fried is one of the funniest series I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2005
      If you didn't buy some copies of Jason Yungbluth's "Deep Fried", you
      should have your head examined. I swear, "Deep Fried" is one of the
      funniest series I've ever read. Check out the website:
      www.whatisdeepfried.com . "Weapon Brown" is good, too. Order some
      copies now, or may God have mercy on your soul.lol . The Ghostbusters
      endorce it so you know it has to be good.

      Also, "Nightmare World" is quite awesome, if I do say so myself. go to
      www.nightmareworld.com for more info.

      The only bad thing about the con that it was a shitty year as far as
      wrestlers go. Of all the people that could have come, why did it have
      to be Johnny Valiant AGAIN. I saw him on Saturday and he just looked
      like he was miserable. Other than that, it was a great con.

      Now, if they could get Robert Englund next year, it'll be even better
      than this year. Kane Hodder(Jason) was there last year, so it's just
      fair for the Fred-heads to get to meet Robert Englund. As far as
      wrestlers go, we need RVD!
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