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Re: A Quick Thank You!!!!

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  • stevenjregina
    It was good talking with you before the costume contest. Also, you did a fantastic job running the Quick Sketch. I had an amazing time this year. I was honored
    Message 1 of 6 , May 6, 2008
      It was good talking with you before the costume contest. Also, you
      did a fantastic job running the Quick Sketch.

      I had an amazing time this year. I was honored to be asked to help
      with the anime costume judging and had a great time with the
      Alienated Productions crew at the contest, panel and my last-minute
      judge training. I had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again.

      I ended up spending more time at my booth than I had originally
      anticipated, so I didn't get to see as much of the show as I usually
      do, but I really enjoyed what I saw. The Quick Sketch is always my
      favorite part of the show, and the Charity Auction was quite fun as
      well. Tommy Castillo, Glenn Barbis and the other auctioneers should
      be applauded for their efforts.

      The show was exhausting, but a great amount of fun.


      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "comiconguy" <patlqp@...> wrote:
      > Hey everybody,
      > I'm still decompressing from the weekend. I promise I'll have the
      > pics up on the website and a formal report about the show out to all
      > our e-mail subscribers by the end of the week, (I had to return to
      > secret identity of Self-Employed Commericial Printer Boy first thing
      > Monday Morning) but I did want to drop a line to thank everyone on
      > board.
      > It was so great to see so many of you in person. Troy contributed a
      > helpful hand at the Quick Sketch on Saturday when we got backed up
      > with ticket sales, and I needed someone to parade the art around
      the room.
      > Rich and I got to have a nice conversation before the costume
      > It is always good to see Jim & Holly!!! I've said it once and I'll
      > say it again, there are no artists more receptive and generous with
      > their time than Jim, Holly and the Broadsword Crew! It is always a
      > to have them at the show.
      > I can't say enough about Jen Contino; The smartest thing Renee ever
      > did was get Jen involved with the show. Her hard work on Win Lose
      > Draw, the Match Game and Karaoke Night have made them some of my
      > favorite events of the show. THANK YOU JEN!!!!!
      > I met Steve Regina right before the costume contest. His help with
      > the Anime Catagory and names was invaluable. And the Alienated
      > Productions crew were the best to work with for the Costume
      > TO ALL OUR COSTUMERS: WOW!!!! You all did such a great job.
      > I also got to have a nice conversation with Lisa "spider-girl"
      > although I don't think either of us knew who the other was. She had
      > just got back from having dinner at Friday's and I was outside on
      > steps taking a smoke break during the Auction. It was great talking
      > to her as well.
      > I know I'm forgetting others that I met over the weekend. But I
      > to Thank All of You, artists, vendors and fans alike for making it a
      > great weekend!!!
      > As a whole we couldn't be happier with how the show went and we are
      > excited about planning for next year. (April 24-26, 2009)
      > Just one last note:
      > The Charity Auction brought in over $19,000 for Make-A-Wish
      > The Quick Sketch brought in around $4,000 for the CBLDF
      > and smiling Sal Buscema raised over $2,300 for the Hero Iniative.
      > We have always been proud of Pittsburgh's generousity during our
      > various charity events and you all out did yourselves this year.
      > I'll be in touch with more news and stuff about this years con and
      > details about next year.
      > Patrick Thomas
      > Marketing Director of the Pittsburgh Comicon
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