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Re: [pittscomicon] My Sunday at the Con

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  • SINically Twisted
    Awww thank you for the welcome *HUGS* I remember you! I remember that conversation you had with Jim. hehehe And the one with Holly about teaching art to
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 29, 2008
      Awww thank you for the welcome *HUGS* I remember you!
      I remember that conversation you had with Jim. hehehe
      And the one with Holly about teaching art to
      elementary kids! hehehe ;0)


      --- Andrew Harmon <aharmon@...> wrote:


      I made it at about 10:30AM and was on a mission to get
      some Flash comics to fill some voids, get comics for
      my kids who were at home and meet some folks on here
      and artists I've been waiting to see again.

      As soon as I walked in, I broke my tradition of
      surveying the entire floor before getting into things
      and made a bee-line to Artists Alley and met Todd
      Smith. Wondering if he was originally from Altoona
      (with me being from Altoona), I came up to his table
      and introduced myself. It turns out that Todd moved
      from Florida to Pa and has resided there for 16 years
      due to his wife's family living in the Pittsburgh area
      (I'm sure Todd will correct me if I'm wrong here). He
      was fantastic to talk to as I browsed through his
      awesome work. I missed getting an awesome colored
      Green Lantern (Todd actually colors his work instead
      of selling colored prints) as I waited too long until
      the near end of the show and stopped by when Todd had
      stepped away.

      I took a hop, skip and jump (ok, maybe not) to Angel
      Medina's table at his usual spot, only to see he
      wasn't there. Was he at all? If someone knows, let me
      know. I was sorely disappointed not seeing him again.

      Starting off in a sulk, I got more and more excited
      with each step as I went past nearly everyone else to
      get to Stuart Sayger's table (thankfully in the same
      place). I saw Stuart's work 2 years ago and picked up
      his comic and 3 prints: The Joker, Batman and Power
      Girl. It was nice to see he had been busy since then.
      I really like this guy's take on imagery. The guy does
      everything and it shows in his attention to details
      often overlooked. He has a new Joker piece, and while
      I wasn't as excited about the actual rendition of the
      Joker as the first he had done, the total imagery was
      very dramatic. And surprisingly, the detail of the
      lamp in the scene was something that had special
      meaning for him. If you ever get a chance to contact
      him, ask him about it. Suffice it to say, I must have
      made some very meaningful critiques because it seemed
      I was hitting every button this young man was hoping
      would get noticed. I want to say his wife was in
      attendance but I can't recall if he is married or not,
      but either way, his lady was very personable as well.
      She loves her man and that was nice to see her support
      him and his work.

      I traveled a bit more and tried to find Jim and Holly.
      Can you believe I couldn't find them at first?
      Finally, after some time I found them and hung around
      the table. I left a few times as Jim was doing
      sketches but I kept coming back to check. I spoke with
      Holly and tried to make the connection that I was the
      one on the boards mentioning the my kids and the
      suggestive artwork sometimes seen at the Con (which I
      really didn't see too much of this year, tyvm). I
      always feel awkward talking to folks because they meet
      so many people and I'm like "Remember me?" Anyway,
      Holly was extremely nice and we spoke about her
      teaching elementary kids art. Again, if I'm wrong on
      that, Holly will fix it. I'm having a hard time
      remembering all that went on myself. Suffice it to say
      that Jim, Holly and Amy (welcome to the boards Amy)
      were there and very personable. Jim signed my few
      issues and I found out he designed the Catwoman
      costume in the '94 series. I'll repeat it here as i
      said to him. It was an excellent design choice. It
      reminded me of the purple and green accented dress the
      earlier Catwoman wore. I told him I especially liked
      his idea to let the hair flow out the back ala the old
      Catwoman and Batgirl look. He mentioned it added a
      sense of feral-ness and sexiness. I couldn't have
      agreed more. I loved the design as soon as I saw it.

      I caught up with Mike Watt from Happy Cloud Pictures.
      I used to work with Mike at a company which didn't
      know which way to go with it's business but was
      extremely flattered Mike remembered me after all these
      years. He reminded me that I had done a voice-over for
      one of his early films The Resurrection Game. He asked
      if I had a copy and then provided me with one at his
      table. This guy is great to talk to. This guy keeps
      busy doing what he does on top of his regular
      full-time job. For some reason, Mike has always been
      someone "shooting the sh$t" with would continuously be
      fun to do. I don't know if Mike would agree but he has
      great mind.

      I daresay the rest of my time was a bit lackluster to
      report on. I bought issues dealing with the Sinestro
      Corps War. I tried attending the costume contest but
      no offense to the folks that took the time but I got
      incredibly board waiting and left. I am happy to hear
      that when things got rolling it was a success. I'll
      have to try and have more patience next time.

      This actually brings me to my last thing to mention.
      The reason for the exit at the costume contest was
      primarily brought on by the fact that it was Sunday
      and that usually means vendors/artists leave before
      5:00 and i wanted to make sure I got the rest of my
      tasks done. In fact, by 4:00 there were quite a few
      empty booths and tables and that a shame and only my
      biggest gripe. I understand the reasons for it, I just
      don't like it. I pay to go until 5, and as a potential
      "customer" I expect the same of the "store".

      Ok, with that, I lied. There is one last thing and I
      wanted to make sure to end on something positive. I
      walked over to Tom Defalco who was looking around as
      if to leave. One of my missions was to get some issues
      of Spider-Girl to finally start reading it. I saw a
      few copies of Amazing Spider-Girl #1 on the table and
      aske Tom if those were meant to be sold for signing. I
      don't think he quite knew what I was asking. Seeing
      his face, I wasn't sure I did either. I told you, I
      hate initiating conversations with celebrities of the
      comic world (if you're interested, remind me to tell
      you about the stupid question I asked Mike Turner one
      time). Anyway, Tom said his publisher doesn't allow
      him to actually sell books or as he said it "money to
      actually touch his hand". Whether he was serious or
      not, I dunno but his fumbling with the idea made me
      think he was serious. Suffice it to say he gave me a
      copy, signed it for me along with Ron Frenz who was
      deep in conversation with someone else. It wasn't
      exactly a magical meeting with the previous
      editor-in-chief of Marvel comics but it was awkward,
      funny and rewarding in the end anyway.

      And with that, I thank you for taking the time to read
      this if you made it this far. I saw some additional
      awesome work by some extremely talented people and
      plan on making them part of my stop next year God


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