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Tod Smith and his 08'

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  • norvandell
    Hey Well, I have to say that I had a very good time this year. I always do, but this year I got to meet more people from the group than in the past. This year
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2008

      Well, I have to say that I had a very good time this year. I always
      do, but this year I got to meet more people from the group than in
      the past.

      This year was a bit slower than others, but sports was not the only
      thing that kept things going slow. The NY con just the week before
      drained some of the guests and the fans as well.

      Sunday was down right as slow as molassas flowing up hill on a cold
      day. But that gave me time to close up early and walk around without
      worrying about missing out on a commission.

      That being said, I did do more commissions this year than past, but
      not much on the print front. I did find a booth that does printing
      for artists, and I may have some higher quality prints and a
      sketchbook made up for Baltimore and next years Pitt show.

      A few artists bro's I know said that some were waiting at signing up
      for next year, due to what appeared to be a 30% drop in attendence
      this year. Not me.

      Regardless of what was to blame if anything for this year, I will
      always support the show.

      I do think that a couple/few changes need to be made.

      A rearrangement of the con floor may be in order. A lot of the space
      that went to "artist ally", seemed to lessen the amount of vendors
      who were there. I'm more of a fan of the way the show was set up in
      the early 90's, but not the 3 years that artist ally was set up in
      the middle section of the mart where the food court was.

      Tickets could be done different. I think that an advance ticket
      purchase WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY ahead of time, giving a big discount would
      be nice. Buy your 3 day tickets before Jan 15th, and they are half
      the cost.

      A stronger push to get newer and bigger names to the show. I touched
      on this before, that it is harder to get some guests because of the
      numerous shows across the country, but some extra incentives to the
      artists to come to Pitt, instead of say NY, might help boost
      attendence. Do any of you remember when Marvel and DC had big booths
      at the show?. The bigger publsihers need to come back, to help
      promote their stuff, but to allow some of their artists to make a
      showing as well.

      I know for this next one I may take some shit for saying this, but
      the small press booths could go up in price just a bit. If we pay
      before a certain date, they are only 125.00 for the week-end. Some of
      us, make more than others at the show, so if you make your money back
      on the first day, then everything else is pure profit.

      I mention this, because I see that some of the small press booths,
      are purchased by people that really don't have much to offer in the
      way of product or services, and could do better by paying a cheaper
      price in artists ally and help free up space for more vendors or even
      dare I say, a bigger named draw.

      Let me clarify this by saying that some of the small press people,
      art even artists, and would do by getting space as a vendor instead.
      The problem, is that the vendor prices are more than the small press
      tables, so they go with the SP tables.

      Do I derserve to be where I am?, (without sounding full of myself), I
      think so. I'm no Jim Lee or Michael Turner, but I do have some big
      name credits now, and I do get better exposure where I'm at. In all
      fareness, I did toil away in artists ally for years, and even for 3
      in that dead end section a few years ago.

      I'd be willing to pay a little extra, if it ment a few improvments
      being made. Even if it ment making the con a 2 day show like
      Baltimore. If anything, the show could run longer on Friday and
      Saturday, It always seems to end too quickly. Hell!, I'd be up for a
      Mid-night closing on Friday even. Why not?, change things up, set a
      new trend. There are a lot of people that have to work late shifts,
      and have to miss the show all together because of their schedules.

      Well this has run on long enough, and while some may disagree with
      what I've said, the purpose of this too, is to get people talking and
      maybe to help make a few changes. Let them know what you really
      think. If not, things may never change.

      I love the show, I love the Georges, and no matter what, once again,
      I will always support the show.

      Tod Smith
      Altoona Pa.

      PS. Thanks to all for stopping by again, and sorry if I don't
      remember all of your names here. I can't even remember what I ate for
      breakfast this morning, so don't feel bad.
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