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Attendees/Dealers detained at Tekkoshocon

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  • axxinjaxxin
    As I ve stated before, there is absolutely NO love lost between me and Tekkoshocon. After this little stunt, I believe there will be no love lost between a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2008
      As I've stated before, there is absolutely NO love lost between me and
      Tekkoshocon. After this little stunt, I believe there will be no love
      lost between a LOT of people and Tekkoshocon.

      From: ftibbitt
      PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:57 am
      Post subject: Disrespected and Infuriated

      I have attended this convention for the past three years and this is
      the first time I have ever been treated with such an utter lack of
      respect both as a con goer, as a customer, and as a first time member
      of your artist's alley. By now many of you have heard of the issue
      which took place on Friday night when a gentlemen by the name of
      Trevor, a member of your board, at approximatly 8:30 PM removed all
      customers from artist's alley and locked, I repeat locked, all artists
      within both rooms and repremanded them for a simple request to keep
      the artist's alley open for a few hours more. First allow me explain
      by what I mean by locked. Trevor not only physically locked the doors
      for a full ten to fifteen minutes but also kept the doors gaurded by
      con staff both inside and outside the room. Let me make this perfectly
      clear that this is a form of imprisonment and unlawful restraint. Now
      as far as his actions are concerned. They were disrespectful,
      unprofessional, rude, and an extremely poor representation of your
      board and your convention. We in artist's alley who paid good money,
      money that could have been spent elsewhere and better but instead we
      paid you folks, were betrated for ten to fifteen minutes with threats
      of expulsion from the convention and the possibilities of a lawsuit
      for, in his words, "demanding" to stay open later. Now as far as the
      "demand" goes we were made aware early by one of the artists that we
      had the blessing of the con-chair and that this artist had spoken with
      the con-chair personally. If there was an issue with the artist's
      alley staying open late then a simple civilized response of "no" would
      have been accepted. Instead we were spoken to as if we were children I
      myself am in my mid-twenties and I am a working professional in the
      business industry and I have never been verbally abused like this from
      in my professional career. If changes are not made to how your staff
      from minions to board members conduct itself then I willl no longer
      attend anymore of your conventions. I also would like to know what
      Tekkoshocon plans to do about issues such as this where
      unprofessionalism and disrespect from your staff seems to be the norm

      From: The Weasel (who incidentally is on Tekkoshocon staff)...

      Since it's been brought up several times now, I can no longer hold my
      own piece and want my voice heard.

      Artist Alley Drama Llamaz.

      I was in the room when it happened since I was off my shift and was
      listed as an assistant for a table with my friends. I can honestly say
      that in all of my years of security work, ACT 235 training, and
      schooling in criminal justice/intelligence & national security, not to
      mention my family being into policing, I've NEVER experienced
      something like what happened when we were "detained". In fact, a
      family member who was a retired agent was furious after receiving my
      panicked phone call about what happened and told me that I should have
      called 911 after seeing the doors being locked and people "standing
      guard with their arms over their chests" so that we couldn't leave
      (and don't say it was so no one could come in, they were on the INSIDE
      standing guard too). Hell, I've worked really crappy jobs in the past
      at like...McDonald's and stuff and never been treated like that (I
      would have rather licked the toilets clean with my own tongue than
      endure the verbal lashing I sat through). I held my mouth shut for the
      rest of the convention as I didn't want to have an upset but I did
      fill out my feedback paper about this incident. And I won't even get
      into the girl who came in and said that we could have been taken to
      court and sued for that because I hate to say it but the unlawful
      detainment and restraint was enough to involve the authorities so
      don't come in talking to me like I'm a moron and try to use scare
      tactics, I was advised by a law officer about this incident.

      This incident in AA is the number one reason I'm not attending or
      volunteering at Tekko ever again, this isn't the first time I have
      seen this person verbally abuse another person to tears.

      If they were on my work force at my real job, I would have had them
      fired on the spot, no questions asked. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to
      be known as part of a team who treats people like that, and he wasn't
      the only staff member who I didn't agree with their treatment of
      people and normally not one of those types who side with the person
      getting yelled at but I have to say nine times out of ten this year I
      was feeling conflicted because I did not agree with some of the things
      the staff did and/or said.

      What really upsets me even more is that some AA people did talk to
      other staffing people about this and absolutely nothing was done or
      said and no apologies were made. It was swept under the carpet and I
      find both that and the incident itself extremely unprofessional.

      AND this is the official Tekkoshocon response....

      From: Erg (One of Tekkoshocon's most senior staff)
      Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:38 pm

      Hey everyone, just a note from the powers that be.

      We know that there were problems with Artists' Alley, with our staff,
      and with the way one particular situation was handled. And we promise
      that we will be looking into it and making changes in the future. This
      whole thing is just as upsetting to us as it is to you guys, believe me!

      We just ask you to please be patient, and give us a little time to
      sort things out. We're still recovering from the con, too!

      Anyway...if you'd like to share anything else about your time in
      Artists' Alley, please do so here!

      (follow up)

      Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:26 pm

      honestly, most of the staff didn't know that anything had happened
      until today - they're pretty much offline from thursday through
      monday. though i'm not trying to make any excuses, just offer a bit of

      anyway, i wanted to thank you all for the good, detailed, and
      constructive responses! it's a great help to the con. carry on!


      First of all, Mike has NEVER, and I repeat NEVER treated any of his
      attendees as "you paid your money... what do you want from us?" In
      fact, Mike goes out of his way to make sure that all vendors are
      welcomed and have fun even after the dealer hall closes (can anyone
      say Poker Game in the Penthouse? Anyone?)

      Mike and the whole Comicon group would NEVER let anything like this go
      on. Even if there was some inkling that something like this went on,
      there would be hell to pay, and Mike would have the police there
      lickety split. I think it's safe to assume that the Tekkoshocon staff
      had their collective heads up their asses the better part of the
      convention (on other parts of the Tekkoshocon boards, there are
      comments about the staff and attendees walking around drunk).

      Granted, one or two of the Tekkoshocon people work for Comicon (I
      think they run the anime room), but they're the good ones who actually
      give a crap, and I can vouch for them as I still have a working
      relationship with these people in some sense. Thank God for Comicon.
      They know how to run a great convention.
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