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Re: [pittscomicon] COMICON UPDATE - 3 WEEKS TO GO!

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  • Chris Underwood
    Hello, I can t wait for the show!!! Do you know if Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser will be attending? They do the Living Corpse comic. Thanks so much, Chris ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 8, 2008
      I can't wait for the show!!!
      Do you know if Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser will be attending?
      They do the "Living Corpse" comic.
      Thanks so much,

      On 4/8/08, comiconguy <patlqp@...> wrote:

      Hey Guys & Gals,

      We have a website update going up in the next day or so and as usual
      here is a preview of what's going on......

      The following is the e-mail that will go out once the update is complete.


      Ok folks, it's getting to crunch time. With just weeks to the show
      I'm juggling lots of stuff. (Luckily I'm a fair to moderate juggler,
      you should see me with fire sticks.... ooops got off the track.)

      We just put a bunch of new events up on the site that we thought you
      might be interested in:

      First for all you aspiring actors and actress out there, check this out:
      The New Internet Television Network EVTV is looking for a few good men
      and women. The Network has 8 different shows in production including,
      the Sci-Fi/Horror series, Tears of Ash. If you've always wanted a
      chance at stardom, this is it. The producers of the Tears of Ash will
      be choosing various people from the Pittsburgh Comicon to have a
      chance to appear in their new series. Selectees will be put up on
      EVTV ( www.my-evtv.com ) for an "American Idol" type vote with the
      winner receiving a role in the groundbreaking series. Auditions will
      run from 3:00 to 5:00 PM in Monroe I and are open to anyone
      interested. You can sign up on Saturday at the EVTV table directly
      inside the Radisson Entrance to the Expomart. To find out more head
      over to www.my-evtv.com

      • Adding to what everyone has been calling "PARANORMAL FRIDAY" (well,
      not everyone, just me really, but I hope it catches on),
      In addition to our GHOST HUNTERS PANEL with Brian Harnois, we now have
      a UFO PANEL with the State Director of the Mutual UFO Network, John
      Ventre. This makes for a whole afternoon of Paranormally Goodness.
      The UFO PANEL is at 4:00 pm with the GHOST HUNTERS PANEL at 5:00 pm.

      • For all you Costumers out there, the good folks at Alienated
      Productions (The guys & gals that are always walking around in those
      awesome costumes) will be holding a COSPLAY Q & A Saturday at Noon.

      • A popular panel from 4 years ago has returned:
      PISS, VINEGAR & SWEAT II - Four years ago a group of independent
      publishers got together to share their success and horror stories.
      Now they reunite to update their war journals. With Joe Linsner, Eva
      Hopkins, Jason Yungbluth, Stuart Sayger and Pete Stathis. This panel
      will take place Saturday at 1:00 PM

      • The Good People of the Star Wars Association of Pittsburgh have
      added a Autograph Collecting Panel on Saturday at 3:00; and...

      • I mentioned in a previous update that we would be Screening the
      Award Winning Horror Short, The Beast In Me and now I can give you the
      details. The werewolf thriller will show in our movie room on Friday
      at 3:30 PM, Saturday at 3:00 PM and Sunday at 12:30 PM. The Saturday
      showing will be a special showing with the film makers. They will be
      available for questions about the film and about the film making process.

      PLEASE NOTE: For those of you coming to the show to attend a
      particular panel, we've had to do some shifting, moving, juggling and
      whatnot to add these new events, so please check the schedule of
      events at the website www.pittsburghcomicon.com to make sure the panel
      you are interested in hasn't moved times, rooms or days.

      Additionally, lest you think Panels are my only topic of interest, we
      did add a bunch of new guests, including:

      • Dan O'Conner, artist of the recent Kong:King of Skull Island miniseries;

      • IFBB Fitness Competitors, Adela Garcia & Sonia Adcock who will be
      attending with J.M. Manion; Together they are promoting the comic that
      has taken the fitness world by storm, Iron Sirens.

      for a full guest list including all the new additions check out the
      website: www.pittsburghcomicon.com

      That's it for now. There is less than three weeks to the con and I
      promise I'll be talking to you all again before the show.

      Patrick A. Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

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