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  • bsimon9427@aol.com
    Jul 5, 2007
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      just saw it today and over all i liked it. some things didnt make sense but its a movie ya know, no biggie. the one thing i didnt like was how the tf's didnt look like their G1 selves, there was very little of the traditional transforming sound, and some of the fight scenes that were close ups were to blurry. what is it with hollywood and fight scenes anymore? i know they want some realism with the fights but if i cant see how can i tell how bad ass the fight is?!
      generally tho it was a pretty good movie, even the people who talked through the whole thing and smelled of garbage didnt ruin it for me bc i kinda got "into" the movie after awhile. i saw the first showing today and there was only like 20 people there. 8 of those were kids. i really hope this movie does well for a few reasons. one bc it was a good movie, way way better then F4 2, and if this one does better there may be a part 2. and two, if the tf's movie is a hit they are supposed to green light a live action gi joe movie. tho the scripts i have read on the net suck hard core, it would still be awesome to have a live action joe flick!

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