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969Re: I just saw Transformer

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  • Maya
    Jul 3 4:16 PM
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, bsimon9427@... wrote:
      > I was suprised too. the Place I went to see the movie was empty.
      there were eight or nine people at the theater watching it. And No I
      didnot see any wire. (but I wasnot looking either) I won't says any
      thing about it. I just hope everyone enjoys it (ok one thing, make
      sure your get a large POPCORN With DRINK your need it)!!!!
      > In a message dated 7/3/2007 4:57:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > catwomanmtb@... writes:
      > It was my favorite movie this summer. It's a little on the long
      > but it was worth it.
      > If you have not seen it go and see it tomorrow or this weekend
      > you love it.
      > i was going to see it this morning but figured it would be packed.
      was it
      > crowed at all? i'll probly wait till next week when its been out
      for awhile.
      > i dont know anything about the story line, and dont, i want it to
      be a
      > surprise to me but i'm not liking how the robots are done. can see
      to many wires and
      > junk hanging out. i like the nice clean lines of the classic
      figures. i'm
      > sure the animators would have to lol
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