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914501st Legion (was: Color me very flattered)

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  • Nicole Blum
    May 4 6:27 AM
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "EEGAH316" <eegah316@...> wrote:
      > And I noticed we had a Star Wars category, which was needed after
      > last year, but there were a lot less Star Wars costumes, probably
      > since the 501st and Rebel Legion weren't around. Not sure why; it
      > hardly feels like a Con without 'em!

      As a 501st & Rebel Legion member I can say that the Garrison for PA
      was disinclined to make PCC an official event (or even attend in any
      capacity) based on the ill treatment and disrespect they've received
      each time they try to work with the organizers (since 2001).

      They have instead chosen to donate their time to events such as Steel
      City Con (the organizer is a HUGE 501st supporter), Wizard World
      Philly and of course their charity work for Make-A-Wish, Special
      Olympics, Autism and many more.

      It is unfortunate that it has turned out this way as PCC was a fun
      con in the past, but you will never see the 501st there officially
      (probably not even unofficially as they were last year) ever again.

      Public Relations Officer
      Garrison Excelsior
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