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902Re: [pittscomicon] Suggestion

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  • bsimon9427@aol.com
    May 2, 2007
      In a message dated 5/2/2007 1:41:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time, dpk99@... writes:
      Hello everyone. I am the president of the Star Wars Association of
      Pittsburgh, and we have been thrilled to be part of the Comicon
      experience for the last couple of years. We thoroughly enjoy
      conducting different panels each day and having the chance to meet
      Star Wars guests like Peter Mayhew and Matthew Wood. It's great.

      Since suggestions were asked for, please allow me to add my two cents.

      The costume contest is always fun and I think it would be even better
      to divide things into more specific categories, as was suggested and
      done to some extent with the Star Wars category this year. Perhaps
      something like the following would be ideal:


      That way, people who wear a Spiderman or Superman costume aren't
      competing against people dressed up as a Klingon or X-Wing pilot and
      aren't competing against Anime characters. Everyone would also feel as
      if he/she has a better chance to win his or her individual category.

      sounds good to me. i was kinda in silent protest of the contest this year. almost everyone who took a pic of my snake eyes costume asked if i was entering the contest and i said no. i didnt think the judging was to fair last year bc of how it was grouped and honestly didnt think i would win anything anyway so i didnt sign up, tho i did go and watch. a few weeks before the con i emailed them asking if the rules had changed from a rumor i heard trying to make it more fair. i got no response. i know they were busy and probly past the reading emails stage and partly my fault for not asking them sooner but i also regularly checked the web sight for updates and the costume page never seemed to get updated with the rules change.
      had i known before the contest was already underway i might have signed up as its good fun to get up on stage and goof around. oh well lessons learned next year i'll just go to the sign up table and ask i guess.

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